Learning To Enter Vision

When I was younger I used to think that visions were very rare and that it was only for a certain people who somehow were privileged enough to receive visions from God. How wrong was I! Receiving visions from God is as simple and common as journaling. It is just a matter of coming before the Lord to wait upon Him and spend time with Him, sanctifying your eyes and ask Him to give you mental pictures. I learned through this course “communion with God” how to ‘enter’ vision by putting myself in a Bible scene and then indeed the pictures started flowing with life by itself. Once I became comfortable receiving flowing pictures from God, I was open to seeing visions on a regular basis.

But here is the problem… We have been so bombarded with New Age teachings nowadays that anything that sounds like New Agish visualization freaks us out and we don’t want anything to do with it. We assume then that entering visions is demonic or at least not Biblical. It is good to realize that anytime you have a counterfeit, it is because the real thing exists. And if the real thing exists, I want it. Before learning how to enter visions, therefore, we must repent if indeed we have considered this as not from the Lord. Scripture is filled with visions and accounts of people who had visions. Both John and Daniel said how they kept looking into the vision. If it happened in Scripture, why not today? Why not you? Numbers 12:6, Acts 2:17. God is not afraid of visions, neither should you be.

Starting out with Habakkuk 2:2 we see that surprisingly it says  “I will look to see what he will say to me.” Why not “I will listen to hear what he will say to me”? This suggests we also receive messages from God as we look for vision. But the whole idea of visualization, we do it normally anyway. Even children.

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded...

You read a book to a child, they picture the whole story. Many people end up being disappointed after they read a book and then that book comes out in movie form. It’s because they visualized the characters very differently and like it better than what the movie portrayed. Have you ever daydreamed? Except there, you make up the pictures. In vision, it is just like daydreaming, except the pictures flow by themselves, powered by the Holy Spirit. You just sit back and watch the ‘movie’. That is not New Age. It is childlike.  Have you ever put your name in a Bible verse for application? Try putting yourself into a Bible scene also. Imagine it. Visualize it if you would. Ask the Holy Spirit to take over the pictures in your mind and see how it starts flowing with life of its own. There you have it. You have now entered vision and you will be surprised at what the Lord is showing you as the picture starts flowing.  The first time I understood how this works is when I put myself in a Biblical scene and it was like I watched a short movie in my mind. From then on I kept inviting the Lord to show me what He wanted me to see.

We have to fight a lot when we are being too rational because we operate in the left side of the brain or when the enemy is telling us it’s not God. Get violent with the enemy and tell him to leave! We have to learn to be spirit controlled rather then reason controlled. Be submissive and always get someone, a spiritual advisor who has a solid Biblical orientation, to test it for you for your protection. Prov. 11:14. Never take action on something that is not clear to you. Use the 8 steps to hear from God and also the principles I shared in “Learning to journal for yourself” when learning to enter vision. These principles must be used in conjunction to make sure you are staying in the spirit. Fix your eyes on Jesus. New Agers don’t fix their eyes on Jesus. These principles are what I learned in the course I took many years ago and my relationship with the Lord has grown to be very intimate.  Always study the Word of God and be full of it and get more and more familiar with the Character of God. He never shows you anything contradicting His character nor His Word.

For further study, I recommend Mark Virkler’s books, but he also has videos on Youtube that goes more in-depth then what I can go here.

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  1. Sister i was so blessed after reading your blog…

    1. Dear Sister Sirisha…. thank you for your visit. I hope you return and read more. I enjoy sharing what I receive from the Lord. You can also follow the blog by email if you’d like. Be blessed today.

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