Visions From God

Sleeping Beauty LXIX...

Sleeping Beauty LXIX… (Photo credit: LukeDaDuke)

I love it when the Lord gives me visions. I used to think that visions were only for ‘super Christians’ or something silly like that. I considered it something so special and ‘wow’ and thought you had to measure up first to be worthy enough to receive visions from God. Not that I verbalized that ever, but somehow that is what I assumed. How ridiculous was that thought! But we all grow into maturity in Christ.

I took a course many years ago called Intimacy with God and the textbook used was “Communion with God” by Mark Virkler. This book totally changed my experience with the Lord. For the first time I learned how to ‘enter’ vision as I relax on my couch.  I realized then that this was something we all could experience by being open to the Lord and learned the steps to prepare the ‘eyes of my heart’ to ‘see’. Since then I have grown in seeing visions more and more. But not everyone sees visions the same way. Some see visions with open eyes, some with eyes closed, others through dreams (visions of the night) or all of them. Either way, visions come from God and is a very intimate experience with the Lord. I have also experienced seasons of abundance in visions where I could see many visions multiple times a day and seasons where I just didn’t. Dry seasons so to speak. Both seasons are from God. Some visions are personal, others are for the body of course. In times to come, I will record some visions that I have received over the years.

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