Receiving Visions From God

Not all visions are flowing visions. Some are a quick snapshot either faintly, others very sharp, but lasting just couple seconds. They can come while in prayer or at times while minding our own business as we go about the day. They can be seen with eyes open or eyes closed.

We can all pray that God opens our eyes to see visions while in prayer so that we can pray according to what the Spirit is showing us. This is part of praying in the spirit. But other visions flow for a little more then a couple seconds. They are sudden, even if you are not waiting to see something in the spirit. But hopefully we are pressing in often to receive visions from God. I shared on another page how I learned to ‘enter’ vision by using Scripture. It is like putting your name in a verse to make it personal. Same way, placing yourself in a Bible story and watch as the Spirit takes the pictures over and give it life of it’s own.

A few years ago I started receiving different a different kind of vision – relating to the Nations. In these visions Jesus would take me to a different country where I would witness Him ministering to the locals in many ways as I worked along side of Him. All of them were very vivid, some lasting as long as 45 minutes, where I could see all the details of what those places and people looked like and I always wonder if someday we would go in person. Since we were missionaries in different parts of the world, this makes it easy to believe we will go again. Sometimes I would get on the internet just to search and confirm what I saw, such as the kind of clothing the natives wore, what the infrastructure looked like, etc. Since what I would see is all new to me, each time it would be real exciting to discover a picture on the web showing details similar to what I saw in my vision.


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  1. I belief in visions….

    1. Lisette Defoe | Reply

      Great! I am happy to hear. I love it when the Lord speaks to us through visions.

  2. Yeah. I have so many revelations, most of which came to pass…

  3. Prophetess Sabrina Walker | Reply

    Bless you,ask God to give you the gift to interpet dreams,and visions.
    It’s a gift I enjoy,I use the bible to interpet many dreams,as there are certin words I pull out to use that have a symbolic meaning. Enjoy for God is speaking to you~

    1. Lisette Defoe | Reply

      I love dream interpretation, yes. Isn’t it wonderful? Most of the time i get it directly from the Spirit, other times i use a dream guide and when I don’t have an interpretation i ask a prophetic friend or two whom I trust.

  4. You seem to have more depth than you have put here. Please keep writing because there is someone who does not yet comprehend the beauty and crucial importance of visions. I like the beautiful, practical and teaching style in which you start this piece. God belss you indeed

    1. Thank you, Gideon…. It is taking the time to write, eh? I guess sometimes it is just busy-ness and other times it doesn’t seem important to write. But I should share some more. There are seasons though when visions are not as frequent. Some seasons dreams are more prevelant. And then back to visions. And other seasons none. Will go read some of yours too…

  5. What matters is to clearly understand your earthly heaven ward purpose. After that getting the wisdom and spiritual understanding to execute it (Col 1:9-10). That includes techniques and media to use which God has made available in your generation. God bless.

  6. Love this, Lisette! Thanks for sharing.


    1. You are welcome Anne… I hope you find more that you love. I love this topic so much even though I should always make more time to indulge in visions.

  7. I found this information very useful and easy to understand, well thank you and keep up with the good work. May God increase your knowledge more and more and keep using you beyond expectations… AMEN. I wanted to know how long will it take roughly to get a vision from GOD? does it all depend on how faithful you are?

    1. Hi Maria… You are so cute! Thank you for the comment. There is no time limit with God. I know I always felt visions were like for super Christians or something silly like that. 🙂 But Mark Virkler’s book “Communion With God” I understood that all believers can enter vision. Once I read that chapter and chose a passage in Scripture to practice, I went right into vision for the first time. It was very amazing how the Lord met me and since then visions are normai. 🙂 And now I know its not for special Christians! We all are special. 🙂

    2. Maria… This link might be helpful in learning how to.

  8. Thank you for this Lisette, yes sometimes the visions I get are very quick snapshots like you say and sometimes I think ‘Was that from the LORD?’ But I know it was. When Jesus told me the other week ‘Just walk with me Jacqui’ I find I am walking with Him in the bible as you described it is as though I am there and I can smell and capture things about the people He talks too. I am finding your site so encouraging and it is making me realize I get more from God than I realise. God Bless you xxxx jacqui x

    1. I love it when I can connect with others who experience Jesus in this intimate way. There is always something new to learn from others’ experiences. Such as … I have never flowed with poetry like that, inspired by the Spirit. That is another aspect I havent experienced yet.

      1. I think Lisette Jesus is bringing many together it seems to encourage and build each other up and those walking closely with Him. it is new for me too in this way. I’ve had many experiences with Jesus but this so very different. I’ve had to lay down old ways of doing things and as I do new things are springing up all the time xx

      2. Love it!! Love it!! Lets keep diving in!!

  9. A very interesting, and informative article. I can’t say that I have had much experience with visions, but there certainly is Scriptural support for the practice, so just because it’s not a gift that I’ve been blessed with yet in my life, I see no reason to doubt anything without looking at it in much more detail first. It definitely sounds fascinating, and I would love to hear more about it from those with experience of it. Thanks for the post.

    1. In that case you will enjoy the next article I wrote to help learn, just as I learned some 4-5 years ago. It was a challenge at first but I know you can too because God gave you eyes! Right? I know so. 🙂 🙂 just practice.

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