Learning To Journal For Yourself

If I ask you to mention the name of a close friend, I know you would consider you have a real relationship with that person because you can hear, see and even touch that person. Can we say we have a real relationship with Jesus if we can’t sense His presence, can’t ‘see’ Him nor hear Him? All these are possible in a real relationship with Jesus because He is a real person. He is alive and near.  As I was sharing in my story a few days ago, it took me years to understand how to hear Him and ‘see’ Him in prayer and through journaling. Lets go to Scripture to see how this works…


Let’s go to Habakkuk 2:1-2 . Read it couple times


I was so happy when I learned from Dr. Mark Virkler, based on this Scripture how to journal and have a deeper relationship with Jesus as I ‘see’, hear and sense Him.

1. WE ARE TO QUIET OURSELVES. (stand at my watch, station myself on the ramparts) This could be your sofa for example.  Anywhere quiet. Psalm 46:10.

But many times we are full of fear that if we silent our minds, satan will fill it with thoughts instead rather then God filling it. Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear is actually the reverse of faith. God will not give you the opposite of what you are asking for. Mat. 7:9-11. We can repent even now, for being afraid that we will hear the wrong voices.

2. “WHAT HE WILL SPEAK TO ME” God’s voice often comes as a spontaneous thought. This is normal. It has happened to you many times, I am sure. We just don’t realize it is God. You may have had a quick sense to pray for someone. When you start getting comfortable with quieting yourself and listening, these spontaneous thoughts keep flowing into sentences. It will take practice to push doubt out and keep journaling. You have experienced probably that prayer flows out of you, effortlessly when you are praying in the spirit. Or maybe you have found yourself worshiping and it just flows so easily. This is because it is the Holy Spirit praying or worshipping through you. The same thing, these spontaneous thoughts flow too. The Bible says talks about this flow in John 7:37-39.

3. “RECORD THE VISION”. This is the process of journaling. Writing out the flow of thoughts and pictures that come to your mind as you are still before the Lord. This is a 2 way journaling, not just you writing out your prayers, but it is a dialogue. Let Him speak back. Do we have evidence in Scripture that people wrote out of flow? In fact the whole book of Revelation was written out of flow, as John saw the vision. How about the Prophets? How about Psalms?  But it is true that in the beginning we are very unsure, wondering if those are our own voices we are hearing or truly the Lord speaking through our thoughts. That is why it is important, especially in the beginning, to have someone you trust read your journal to confirm what you are getting is the Lord. Someone who is grounded in the Scriptures, who can recognize the Character of God because God will always speak according to His character. And it never contradicts Scripture. And as someone else checks it for you, you will be encouraged and built up. Maybe your spouse, maybe your Pastor, small group leader…  In the beginning stages, don’t question what you are sensing, you just keep writing until the flow is done. You can always go back and test it later. This is so you don’t break the flow. It is so easy to start questioning what you are writing and fear and doubt creep in and break the flow. But if you relax and stay in flow, you could fill pages and pages with dialogues between you and the Lover of your soul.

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English: Scroll of the Psalms

English: Scroll of the Psalms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


8 responses

  1. I love your page, I thought I was the only one who is crazy to know work and live in the realms of visions and hearing from God everyday, I entered once into vision but I break the flow and since then have not being able to get back. As for dreams God started showing me things to come and I became fearful and I asked him to stop, but now ready for it like mad it no longer coming even though I have repented what do I do?

    1. Hello Florence. So glad you like my page and that it is helpful to you. Isn’t is awesome though to know that God honors our requests? When you got fearful and asked Him to stop, He did for a season. But now you repented and are asking Him to open your eyes and ears again and we know He will grant this request also. I love everything I can learn about the realms of the Spirit and the prophetic because we are spirit beings who will live eternally in the glory realm. Let’s get acquainted with it now, right? Remain hungry, find yourself books that teach on these subjects and dive in. It will come, I promise. Find my list of recommended readings on this site and see if you can find any of these awesome books too. I have learned a lot.

  2. Thanks a lot. I have read some of the books. but I will go look for the rest. You are a darling! God bless you and I love you

    1. Glad I could help, Florence! Have a great day. 😉

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