Dream: Snakes, Frog and Allegator

I had this dream a while back, that I found myself inside an area that was fenced in with barbed wire. I saw that on the ground, there were hundreds of baby snakes. They were so small that they seemed like worms and I knew I could step on them but there were so many of them. They were all slithering away from me. I thought “what gave birth to these snakes?” (silly question to ask in real life). As I turned around to look for their mom, I saw a large frog and I knew it was their mother. (unrealistic, but dreams are symbolic). I thought to myself “how can a frog give birth to snakes? I wonder who their dad is then”. As I turned around to look, there by the fence lay a huge alligator! I knew it was the father. There was someone with me in the dream, I don’t know who that person was. But I remember asking him or her: “Can that alligator attack?” I was told: “Oh, yes! If it feels threatened, it will attack!”. Then we slipped out through the rusty barbed wire and left. That was the end of the dream. How weird though. All three: snakes, frogs and alligators are symbolic for demonic. I just wonder what it was about! A frog and alligator producing snakes! And the barbed wire fenced in area… hmmmm. In the dream we were there and left unharmed. A friend who was on her way to Guatemala at at the time for a missions trip felt it had to do with the location they were going to, due to curses on the property from demonic pacts, but who knows.



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