Glowing Hands

This is another experience I started having since this past April. While I am doing my work, as a business woman… in the middle of my presentation, suddenly the palms of my hands start glowing with heat. It is real weird. Sometimes the left one, sometimes the right one. But the sensation is like if you were to hold your hand over something hot, like a stove… the heat that glows in the palm of your hands… that’s what I feel. It lasts for a bit… maybe a whole minute or so and then I am not aware of it any more.

I have no other explanation except the presence and anointing of God with me in my work, blessing my work and causing me to prosper. Unless someone has a different insight, please share.



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  1. When this has happened in my life, I believe it’s the power of God and the Holy Spirit annoiting me to heal. What a gift that you have experienced this. 💓

    1. I love it too, Jsack1. It comes and goes. I have wondered for a while what it was, but right now, my ministry is in business so its the only conclusion I have. Healing anointing… How awesome!! Hopefully you put it to use wherever you go! God’s gift is irrevocable. It’s there always on you!!!!

      1. I have used it for my kids in the reiki sense. To calm, to take away pain, a headache and to speed up their own love vibration. It’s an incredible gift and I’m grateful that God has let me experience it. ❤️

  2. Yea, the heat in ur hands its the anointing of God, each time tht realms come lay ur hands and administer prayers to be somebody. I have had tht same sensation too. I even believe the will be a time when the visible fire of the Holy Ghost will shine on my hands in a programme or conference,

    1. True. In meeting others have seen fire on my hands before, in a vision. Isnt the manifest presence if God amazing?

  3. I saw a pic of Cs Uppethegroove one of God’s general who was a disciple of A.A Allen. When he was ministering abt the chariots which carried Elijah, the literal fire of God descended in the meeting, pictures were even snap of it. The fire manifestation is a sign of abundance rain of revival to fall in the hearts of men.
    There is one missionary who came to Mozambique here in Africa, her name is Heidi Baker, in one of her meetings ministering, the fire of the Holy Ghost came down literally on the heads of the people and on their hands. It was visible and people could see it.
    This later days God’s glory will manifest like never before… Praise Jesus Christ., the Son of the living God, he is mighty in his ways, gracious in his deeds, powerful is his presence, glorious is his throne. Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of host…

    1. Amazing testimonies, Rene!!!! I have heard a lot about Heidi Baker and saw her teach on youtube once. 🙂

      1. Share with me some of ur heavenly encounters. I also sent u a friend request on face book.

      2. Oh, I have shared most of them on this blog. If you go to the tab and click on VISIONS you can read many testimonies and also dreams.

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