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Breakfast at dawn on the beach

“When they landed, they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it, and some bread.Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” None of the disciples dared ask him, “Who are you?” They knew it was the Lord.” ‭‭John‬ ‭21:9, 12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

I read this beautiful passage today and I wanted to enter that experience on the beach with Jesus so I entered vision. I saw the fire on the beach from the perspective of me coming out of the water and Jesus facing me on the beach, standing on the other side of the fire where He was roasting fish. He asked me to come and have breakfast. It was just Him and I on this beach. But I could see mostly His lower garment, not so much His upper body nor face at that point as it was still dark out. The fire was making His garments glow and more visible. Since He invited me, I should walk over to Him but its a bit scary. Its Jesus Himself!! Not just anyone. I walked over. Like sheepishly. I kept walking towards Him still only seeing His lower garments by the fire. I found myself approaching but not directly looking right into His face. It’s a bit scary to look into His eyes. What would His face look like? What would I see? So I approached until I reached Him and found Him taking me into His arms. It was easier to just rest my head on His chest as He held me, I couldn’t breathe at the thought of looking up into His eyes. I didn’t dare yet. What a warm welcome! Just for me! He made breakfast. Just for me! It was just me and Him. I felt so warm and peaceful and good. I rested my head on His chest. He embraced me very warmly. One arm around my back, His hand holding my head. I was overwhelmed. But then I found myself looking up into His face anyway. I was met with this biggest, warmest smile that was so real. There was nothing but acceptance and love in that smile. It was sooo good. I was watching this unfolding in the spirit and then became aware that physically I felt a tear started rolling down my cheek as I was siting eyes closed on the couch. Then I went back into vision. I realized that His smile was so amazing it wiped away my initial fear to look Him into the eyes. I realized He is a friend. Not a scary person I need to be afraid of. I said to myself, “this is better then eating food”. Then suddenly in a split second I sensed Jesus said “lets race”. Then I saw us both take off running on the beach. I didn’t know if I should try to beat Him running (being a competitive person) or maybe He would let me win anyway? 🙂 🙂 But in the end it wasn’t about competition, who could run faster (As if anyone could outrun the Creator). We were just having fun and I could hear Him laughing crazily!!! He even stopped to catch His breath as He was still laughing loudly. I thought to myself…. “man! Jesus is so down to earth! He knows how to have some fun!” And the vision ended. I loved the experience and I still feel warm inside. 


Glimpses of Heaven and The Nations…

I love how you love me, Jesus. I love how you are faint with love for me and miss me so much when I don’t come spend quiet time, listening to you. I am reading so much about heaven and sometimes I am soooo longing for that place. I know I would love to go there sooner then later sometimes. But now we can even go through vision. I would love for you to show me places in heaven even now. What do you think?


Vision: God’s Refrigerator

Today I was praying about God’s abundance. I asked God to show me a picture of what His abundance is like. It would help me see that His abundance is a total absence of lack! Any sort of lack. Whether it be emotional, financial, relationships, etc. It came to my mind that I could ask God to show me what His refrigerator in Heaven would look like if there was such a thing. (Now, don’t go run and say I said there is a physical refrigerator in heaven)…  🙂

Right away in prayer the picture started developing. This is what God’s abundance would look like: From the outside, His refrigerator would look like a normal double door large refrigerator. As tall as the one in your kitchen. But as soon as you open….. the size inside becomes ridiculously enormous. You can’t see the back of the refrigerator because it is so deep. The width is also crazy. Opening the refrigerator from the outside can be done by a single person, but when you open, thousands of people could crawl into it at the same time. It’s sooo tall. In fact you need ladders to climb up and reach things at higher level. There is bright light also inside of it. The bottles, jars, fruits, vegies, perishables, non-perishables, cooked food, raw food, desserts… all you can imagine. But the most amazing thing I could sense is that food never runs out!!! Thousands eat out of the refrigerator at the same time and the quantity of food never diminishes because this refrigerator keeps PRODUCING more food like a tree produces fruit. You can pick off fruit but more fruit keeps growing. That’s what His refrigerator is like! You can eat all you want. And best of all, you are not freezing cold inside the refrigerator (I hate cold weather) as it is the right temperature although when you open, the same kind of cold air rolls out like when you open a freezer! Can you see it? Can you picture it? Can you fathom this abundance? I speak this kind of abundance into my life! Let the natural agree with the supernatural that already exists in the glory realm!! Amen!  There is no lack with God. 

Click here to read 2 visions God showed me and my daughter about 3 years ago on His abundance.


No Vision

Have you ever experienced a season of abundance in visions (description about to follow, keep reading) and then a dry season? Or maybe a season of abundant dreams and then a season where you get no dreams from the Lord? Sometimes it is in journaling. The Lord speaks clearly at every turn , any time of the day it seems and then a season where He seems to be silent. Seasons are a normal part of our walk with the Lord. It is even evident in the natural. It isn’t winter year around (thank God!!!) Summer comes around too (Haleluyah!!!!)

I feel like now I am in one of those seasons of No Vision. I love my daily quiet times with the Lord. They are so intimate and we talk back and forth for a while to start off the day. But when I want to enter vision, nothing flows. I try to look for Him as I close my eyes. I imagine Him like I have seen Him so many times before, but it doesn’t flow. And it is quite ok. It is a season. Just another season. He is very present anyway. Even when I don’t get visions or dreams. He speaks loud daily even if I can’t experience Him in pictures right now. God’s gifts are irrevocable. So I was pondering… how do you know a vision is flowing anyway?? I will try to describe here.

In visions every mental picture starts moving with life of its own. We have 5 senses in the natural. Sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. All of those senses are the same in the natural but they are sensed with an “inner knowing”. For example. In a vision you can “feel a warm breeze”, you can “smell a certain fragrance”, you can “hear certain sounds or what is being said”, you can “see what is happening in the vision” and you can even “taste things”. But not in the natural. It’s all in the inner spirit. You know that you know that you know! You know that you saw the color green for example. You can tell Jesus is holding a box for example, it’s size, the color, all descriptions. All of it is in your inner knowing. And the vision keeps moving and you can describe everything you are experiencing. And to top it off, there is always, always the element of surprise just like watching a movie on a tv screen. You don’t know what is coming next until it unfolds. And you constantly are seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling the next thing as it unfolds. (not all senses are always involved. I hardly ever have tasted anything in a vision for example). It may be just for seconds, it can keep flowing for minutes or up to an hour or over. Not important how long. The content is important, because it’s what He wants to show you in that moment. This is such an intimate experience when the Lord shows up in a vision and lets you see things that you did not know. Sometimes they are just for you, sometimes you see things for other people or for other nations. Sometimes warnings, sometimes revealing what is going on with others. In either case, it’s what He wants to share with you, always for a specific reason. Whether to bring joy or to calm you or to awaken you or to send you on a mission.

I want to be more curious to grow in this beautiful experience. I want to learn from others too. If you have a different experience concerning visions or want to add to my experience, I’d love to hear and learn. Vision will come back for me. But if now is a dry season, I will wait until He shows up again in that way. For now I enjoy my daily dates with Him in the morning talking about anything we wish. I’d like to grow into the next level. There are always sooo much new to learn and experience with the Lord. Never a dull moment. If He is not showing up in visions, He is showing up in dreams. If not in dreams, He shows up through His Word. If not, He shows up through journaling. Or any other way He does for you. He is God and He can speak however He wishes to and either way, we love it and we love Him. And we want MORE!


Vision: African Warriors

Yesterday during worship time I had a vision. I saw 3 African warriors. Very distinct and clear. The pictures below is to show the kinds of shields I saw them carrying. As large as their bodies practically and wielding spears above their heads. Also I sensed they were female warriors and there were 3 of them if not mistaken. Not sure if females go to battle like this in the natural, but that is what I saw in the spirit. I sensed they were intense in their resolve. So, while worshipping I got into spiritual warfare myself and positioned myself like them warriors and interceded in the spirit.


Vision: Flowers and Oranges

I had a vision in the night about 3 days ago. I love seeing visions while asleep. It is very distinct because while you are actually asleep, it’s like you become very aware, you can think and process what you are seeing while you remain asleep.

So, I saw a whole bunch of flowers and also oranges before me as if on a screen. And they were grouping together forming shapes. I kept looking and looking to see if I’d recognize shapes. But I couldn’t. They just kept floating and forming one shape after another in one corner of the ‘screen’ if you will, then float away and go form another shape in another corner. Then… suddenly I recognized the shape of the American flag. And I exclaimed…”I recognize that shape”, even though some details were missing from the flag but I assume it’s because it was all flowers and oranges forming the shape of the flag. I don’t think I saw stars on the flag for example to mention one missing detail. But I just knew it was the American Flag. And then after watching a few more unrecognized shapes… the vision ended.

I pondered for couple days. I looked up ‘oranges’ and ‘flowers’ in a dream book, what they symbolize. But I am not sure if this vision pertained to me personally or if it contained a message for America? Still not sure. Still today I am wondering what it meant. Any dream interpreters out there?


Vision: Sermon on the Mount

A few years back I was praying one day that the Lord would speak to me and I wanted to enter vision. I was reading Matthew 5 – The sermon on the mount. I asked Him what it would be like to sit and listen to Him speak to a crowd.

I entered vision and saw that I was at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii, where we lived for a few years. There is this pavilion where we always gathered for worship, for lectures and the like. In the vision I saw Jesus sitting on the stage on a stool and the whole pavilion was filled with people. I was way in the back sitting in the sun, there were no more seats under the pavilion. Under the pavilion I saw someone raise their hands as to ask Jesus a question. Then unexplainably, I saw that I started moving through the crowd going from the back all the way to the front as if I was moving through the air. I wasn’t walking, just transported from the back all the way to the front row, right in front of Jesus. I could see His sandals. I was surprised to find myself right in front of Him so I looked back and saw all the people sitting behind me all the way to the back. I saw another person raise their hands to ask a question. (I couldn’t hear either time what they asked or what Jesus responded). When He was done answering that question, Jesus looked straight at me in the eyes and told me: “What do YOU want to ask me? You can ask me anything you want” I thought deep for a moment and then stated my question. He responded and I wrote it all out in my journal. Jesus is so personal and real. He always meets us in a personal way. I love Him.


Vision: The Glory Realm

Click here to read this vision that started over 2 weeks ago, about the eternity realm. This weekend the topic was all about the glory realm, how to access it, how to sustain living in the glory realm. We studied scriptures and I was amazed how much there is about the glory realm. Since my blog is not about posting teachings or sermons, I will stay focused on what we saw in visions.

We went into a time of activation, entering that glory realm. I remembered the vision I had over 2 weeks ago and felt I didn’t finish seeing what God wanted to show me back then. I entered again…finding myself again in that place where the glory cloud was swirling and swirling as the two angels were moving my cart around the glory cloud. I focused on seeing what I would see in the glory cloud. I briefly only saw tiny blue lights flashing. Then out of the cloud, Jesus appeared very briefly and handed me what I suppose was a large lollipop because it was on a stick. The scripture that came to mind was “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good…”(Psalms 34:8 NKJV). I started praying. “I want to taste Your goodness, Lord”. Then the vision was over, but I sense there is so much more God would show me here if I keep coming back to this glory realm. I posted another vision I had this same weekend about the glory realm, click here to read it.

My husband had his own experience. As we were worshipping, he whispered to me, asking me what I see surrounding us because he was seeing that we were enveloped in a cloud. I closed my eyes and tried to see, but I couldn’t see it. But it was there for a long time, can’t say how long, Tom kept seeing it the whole time and encouraged our daughter and me to see it.

Now it came to pass, as Aaron spoke to the whole congregation of the children of Israel, that they looked toward the wilderness, and behold, the glory of the Lord appeared in the cloud. (Exodus 16:10 NKJV)
And behold, an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were greatly afraid. (Luke 2:9 NKJV)
There are so, so many scriptures, but I trust we get hungry to search the scriptures ourselves and see how vivid the glory realm is and that we truly can access it. God shares His secrets there. He may show us things for ourselves, for other people or even the nations.

A good passage to read and meditate on to enter the glory realm is Matthew 17:1-6. May we see Jesus in that glory realm and may we listen to Him. He has much to say and show us. God help us sustain accessing the glory realm.

Vision: Eternity Realm

I had a revelation this morning. “There is no earthly clock in the spirit realm. In the eternal realm we exist forever without any deadlines”. Then I sensed Him say…

“THIS IS OUR PLACE, DARLING. OUR PERSONAL SPACE. STAY HERE WITH ME. I WILL HELP YOU STAY. TRUST ME FOR THAT”. And then I entered vision immediately…and I type as I see it unfold.

I see my self breaking through a pocket into the spirit realm. It is all dark like a dark room but I feel very comfortable and confident that it is not scary. It is dark simply because my eyes have to adjust to see in the spirit. But out of nowhere I see a being appear that looks just like the character in the Monsters Inc. movie, except its all white to contrast the dark room. I see only its form. The tall fuzzy bear-looking character. I realize it is a demon and it came and circled me. It wasn’t necessarily scary, but what I realized is that it is a warning for my eyes (although I knew already)… not only the Holy Spirit is there in the spirit realm and angelic beings, but demonic beings also. I just hadn’t seen the demonic yet up to now except a couple times in vision, but each time they were cartoonish looking. Am I willing to see in the spirit even if it includes the demonic? I am willing to see whatever God wants to show me and I ask that I will have the necessary tools I need for each experience. If you show me the demonic, God I pray it is for a specific reason and always for our victory. Never defeated.

Now I try entering vision all over again. This time in the vision I open a zipper by choice. I am standing in the natural, I open a zipper to go into the spiritual realm. Tentacles come out as I unzip. It seems scary. I open by choice. More tentacles come out. I go through. But it’s nothing. Just intimidation. Slimy goo wants to stick to my forehead and eyes as I walk through but I wipe it off. It was just that. Intimidation. I hear water dripping in the dark, but I see nothing. Should I go in the direction of the dripping water? But it is hollow sounding. Not sure which direction the dripping comes from. So, I start calling Jesus. It echoes. It sounds so hollow so I start having fun calling Jesus over and over in different tones. It is still dark but I have fun hearing my own echoes as I call loudly for Jesus. Then I sense two angelic beings come lift me in something like a swing. I can’t see them but I know they carry me on what seems like just a rope for a swing because I have to balance to stay on it. We go up and up until we break through the darkness and now into clear white clouds like a view from an airplane window. All clouds and daylight. It is very open as far as the eyes can see, all around me. Breathing is easy and deep. I don’t see the angels, but I know both are there, each on my sides and we are on a ride, like a train on rails. I sense we are riding on the rails as if touring. But I see nothing as yet. Only open space, light, clouds, freeing. After riding for a while I feel I am impatient. I don’t want to tour if there is nothing to see yet. I rather sit in one place and watch what I will see. So, they park me. I sense the ‘cart’ we are in backs up against a wall and we park. Now I sit and watch. But I only hear symphony-like, music. Like what you would hear in a movie. Still I see nothing yet. Just the realization that this is the eternal realm. There is no clock here. We are not on earthly timezone. This is eternity realm. Would it seem boring to not have earthly time? I don’t know what to see, but I want to learn to escape to this place often where I leave earthly time behind. I need to learn this. I need to be in a place where time does not matter and I just wait upon the Lord in stillness. I know He will show up and show me what He wants to show me. I am in a place where I know God will open my eyes to see clearly in the spirit and I especially need to learn to come to a place of stillness and out of the “earthly-clock zone” where the clock ticks towards deadlines. I can’t live only in that “earthly time-zone” anymore and stay connected in the spirit without feeling rushed and unbalanced. I want to learn to come here and be patient. God has so much to show me. Nothing on earth is as urgent or important then being in the spirit realm where we exist eternally with Him. This reminds me of Eph. 2:6 And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, (Ephesians 2:6 NIV)

So, after waiting and realizing where I am at in this eternal spirit realm, I realize it is ok even if I didn’t see more while I waited. I want to learn to come here and meet with the Lord, specifically outside of the “earthly-time zone” or natural realm where I have a tendency to be unbalanced and overwork myself.


Vision: Jesus finds His disciples

Matthew 4:18-22 Now as Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon who was called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. And He *said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Immediately they left their nets and followed Him. Going on from there He saw two other brothers, James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, in the boat with Zebedee their father, mending their nets; and He called them. Immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed Him.

3 years ago I was reading this passage when I asked the Lord…”Jesus, if You were to come find me and call me to be your disciple, where would I be, what would I be doing and what would you tell me? I wanted to enter vision and see what He would show me. I love it so much when God uses visions to speak to our hearts and most of the time visions are symbolic and interesting to interpret.

So, I entered vision and watched it like a short movie. Surprisingly, I found myself inside a plant nursery! Funny because I have never worked in a plant nursery before nor have I focused ever on growing plants and such. But this was symbolic for what He was showing me. I even found a picture on the internet with the same set up of what I saw in my vision and added it below, except in this picture, the middle section is low on the ground, plants growing in a cemented area. In my vision this middle section was plants on top of a table. All around the middle were tables filled with plants. I was working among them. Then in the vision I saw myself noticing Jesus coming towards me from outside of the nursery on the right. I did a double take when I realized it was Jesus! He walked around and came on the inside. We smiled at each other and He started to help me in my nursery. I also saw us standing face to face, holding hands and just enjoying each other’s company and having a good time. But then I turned and looked at my plants and realized that the whole nursery, where plants were supposed to be, I saw only dirt in the pots. No plants. It looked so barren. I started feeling so heart broken and disappointed. Even writing this, all those sad emotions came back to my memory. It was such a deep feeling of deferred hope. I felt all strength and motivation left me, feeling I didn’t even want to bother any longer working in my nursery. It felt like all my hard work was all in vain because it had not produced anything. I couldn’t believe how barren it all looked! No strength was left in me seeing this sad state.

Then suddenly, above our heads, I noticed an irrigation system. Water started spraying out from the top onto all my pots! First I noticed the corner where we were both standing, plants started growing instantly forming tall bushes. Then I noticed that the opposite end the same thing started happening except the middle section which was still barren. But the plants on both sides started growing fast, filling in all the way to meeting in the center all around the borders of my nursery. So thick and tall were the plants that you couldn’t see the outside of the nursery any longer. And then the same started happening on the table in the middle. There too all my pots were filled with thick, green, luscious plants! Then I saw Jesus and I started dancing and kicking our feet together in celebration. And then the vision ended.

What a happy ending. He showed me a condition in my work at the time, which was causing emotional burnout and tiredness as I was feeling all was barren in results. But showing me also that He intends to restore and bring all back to life! Hallelujah! We wait on You, Lord. Come refresh us with the water of Your Spirit. Come find us and make us your disciples. We want to walk with you in all areas of our lives.

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