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Vision: Traveling With Jesus To Africa

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I love it when I go overseas with Jesus through visions on a mission He wants to accomplish and I get to watch Him minister to the locals. Click on the blue link to read more onĀ receiving different kinds of visions.

The first one I remember took me by surprise and went like this. (For the sake of length of story, I will skip much detail of what I saw and keep the more important ones) I was enjoying my quite time with the Lord when I saw a small airplane in a vision. The kind that seats only 4-6 people. Then I saw that Jesus and I got into the airplane and we took off. I though “oh, we’re going on a trip!” But I sensed we were going to travel very far because we started off during the day and it turned night as we flew! I could see the clouds, I could tell we were flying through a storm and I could sense the airplane shaking in the turbulence. On the monitor screen I could see a map from where we started off and where we would land but still had no idea where He was flying us. Since in real life we flew to South Africa as missionaries and that was the longest flight we ever experienced – 14.5 hours – I assumed we were going to South Africa in this vision. But really it could have been anywhere in Africa.

I remember when we finally landed in the middle of nowhere, we had to wait quite a while before unboarding due to a terrible sand storm. I have never experienced a sand storm before in real life. After we unboarded the airplane we walked for some time and reached an African village that had all huts with thatched roofs, dirt floors, no cars there, so no streets. I could see some children playing outside and women walked towards us to meet and greet us. They took us to a community center, it seems like a pavilion in the center of the community. To my surprise we did not see any men. Just these women and children and I wondered why there were no men around, it seemed odd. Under the pavilion the women told us that they had some concerns and wondered if we could help them. I looked into Jesus’ eyes waiting to see what He would say. Jesus told the women He’d love to help and asked what they needed. I found courage then to also agree and say “yes, we can definitely help, just tell us what concerns you have”. So the women lead us a little ways away from the village to a hill where there was a huge tree. I had never seem such a large trunked, old tree in real life. There was a real old man with long white beard squatting there by the tree in what looked like white cloth around his loins. I knew right away he was not a good person, I sensed he was a warlock. Then the ladies pointed to the sky over the village, now behind us. Hovering over their village was a huge black bird. The oversized bird was just still in the sky, looking towards this old man as if waiting for instructions. The ladies exclaimed “there, you see that thing? We don’t want that over our village. Tell it to go away!” We knew right away it was a dark spiritual influence over the village and that this old man was directly controlling the spiritual atmosphere there. Also, in the distance I saw a large swarm of locusts coming towards the village. Jesus stretched out His hands and the black bird vanished. Next He made the large tree shrink so much it became the size of a mushroom and then vanished too, so did the old long bearded man. On our way back to the village I dared to ask the women why we have not seen any men around. That is when they told us that the men there had lost their authority and have not taken their place in the community, rather have shrunk back (maybe in their identities or as strong men and warriors or leaders?) But as soon as the women were done explaining to us that this was caused by that old man who was controlling the wellbeing of their village including the position of their men, right there we saw men started coming out. At first shyly, but then they started doing their warrior dances and Jesus gave them spears which they started wielding and they had become bold and courageous. After we blessed them we left them and boarded the airplane again and started flying back home. Also Jesus had created a barrier so that those swarm of locusts could not reach the village later either. So, that was our missions trip to somewhere in Africa, where I am not sure. If any reader recognizes any of the details, I’d be curious to know where this was. Not sure if the sand storm was something in the natural or just symbolic for spiritual storm. I have asked the Lord if this vision was to show us some place we will be going in the future but I don’t know the answer. It could also be that He was just showing me what He had done for faithful praying women in some distant land and I got to witness it first hand through vision.