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Please Escape Hell

2nd book review on the topic. It was at a Confererence that I heard James Goll talk about how he prophisied to a man, repeating 23 times that this man was going to hell. Bill Wiese was indeed taken to Hell by the Lord for 23 minutes one night and came back so he could warn others and tell of this beyond-horrific experience. I was very curious to read his book 23 Minutes In Hell after having read Mary Baxter’s A Divine Revelation Of Hell and compare their experiences. No surprise! Both gave same descriptions. Our soul will still have a body after death. Where will you spend eternity after you die?  We will still have our 5 senses which are more keen in the spirit world than in the natural dimension. Both Bill and Mary discribed the pits of hell as they saw it. Both experienced the torture and the pain. 

Then I saw that actually Youtube has several more accounts of people who experienced hell and came back to tell about it. And even so many still don’t believe Hell is a real place. This is baffling, seeing that in Luke 16:19-31 the rich man in torment in hell begs Abraham to send Lazarus back to his brothers to warn them of hell, to which Abraham replies that they have Moses and the Prophets to listen to. The rich man argues that if someone goes back from the dead, they would believe and repent. Abraham reassures him that if they are not convinced by the Prophets, neither will they be convinced even if someone comes back from the dead to warn them. And it is so! Still after these accounts of people who have experienced hell and came back to tell us, many still don’t believe it. One lady specifically told me: “You have to take those acounts with a grain of salt. All of their accounts are different, so…”.  She does not believe in Hell even after reading some of these accounts. It’s like saying: “everyone I know who traveled to Paris came back with a different account. Therefore I don’t believe Paris exists”. Please people…. repent and escape Hell! 

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Don’t Go To Hell

No, I’m not cussing. This is a book review from one of the most CHILLING books I have ever read. A Divine Revelation Of Hell by Mary Baxter. I was very much so shaken by Mary’s account of what she saw, heard, felt, smelled and experienced in hell for nights on end. After reading this book I have been revived with an intense desire to warn others to not end up in hell. The Bible does talk clearly about this horrific place and yet I never realized just how much the Bible discribes hell both in Old and New Testament. What shook me even more is to read her account of how those who end up in hell include people who used to preach the Word, people who went to Church for years, those who called themselves Christians. It made Jesus’ words “not all who say: Lord, Lord…” even more real. 

It is so dangerous to play being a Christian. Reading the Bible or going to Church is not what gets one saved. People end up in hell just for living all their lives with unforgiveness and resentment, although they know the Word of God. Sin separates us from God. And living in sin is living far from God. Only while breathing we have a chance to repent and receive God’s forgiveness. Death comes so sudden to many who weren’t prepared. Hell keeps swallowing lost souls day and night, night and day!! It’s an actual place of torture and suffering. Fire and brimstones, worms that never die. A haunted house at Haloween is no match for hell. All 5 senses are alive and even more keen than here on earth. Pain and horror for all eternity! No escape. No water, No light. No companionship. No end.

I wish you’d read this account for yourself and warn others as well. 

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