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Vision: Blowing Trumpets

As I am sitting here reading Mary Baxter’s account of her trips to heaven by the Spirit of God, all she saw and experienced, I am reminded of a snap shot, short vision I had on June 14th this year- of what that day will be like when I enter heaven myself. 
I saw how I will be received when I get there to heaven!!!!! Angels blowing trumpets.  Rows of skinny trumpets, sounding like when royalty arrives. I heard the sound in my spirit! Wooooow!!!! I was amazed…. like….”is all that for meeeee?” 
And I saw staircases as well, that I was being led up on by an angel on each of my side. The staircase looked so beautiful and the sides of it looked like quite the art work. Hard to describe. I can’t wait for that day!! I yearn for that eternal home. 



I Believe In Angels

Last year my daughter and I went out of town. When in a new city, you don’t know the roads like the locals do. I especially am nervous of turning on a one way street at night, going against traffic for example. That happened once before.

This one time it was during the day and we were leaving a shopping center, needing to turn right onto the busy road. I don’t know why I assumed there was a shoulder between parking lot and the flow of coming traffic but there was none and I fully intended to pull a bit further out before a complete stop to better see oncoming traffic. Well, my car came to full stop before I meant to, I have to say supernaturally, as within seconds a car passed in front of us going at about 40-50 MPH. I just sat there baffled realizing that I would have been in its path and it would have hit my side of the car at that speed. I believe angels stopped my car when I really meant to pull out a bit more thinking there was a shoulder. Thank you Jesus for considering my daughter’s and my life precious in your eyes.


God, Is This Your Timing?

Just chit chatting with the Lord… Do I dare to ask? Not sure what He’d say… What if He doesn’t answer… What if I get it wrong…


So, Lord… what is this heat in my hands? Is it an angel holding my hands? Is it your fire? Is it your manifest presence?


Flying on I-75 With Angels

What a story I have to share today about God’s supernatural intervention. We had been praying for a while now that we would walk in that supernatural realm, experiencing His provision, favor, miracles and all manifestations of His glory realm.

Our oldest left today for her training to become a full time missionary with Youth With A Mission. She was all packed for the last two days and all was right on schedule. It takes 45 minutes to drive from our home to the airport in Flint. When we got there and ready for her to check her baggage, she was asked for her ID, which to our dismay, she realized is not on her and she had no idea where was since she last remembered going to the bank the previous day and having to use it to withdraw cash, but could not recall what she did with it after. They asked for any other photo ID such as passport (hers is still in the process of being renewed and did not get here in time, so we will mail it to her to Hawaii). She did not have a school photo ID on her. They said she could use her birth certificate or SS card, both of which we had at home as those are never carried with you for no reason. Needless to say she was about to start crying realizing that this could mean missing her flight if we needed to run back home to get any of these or look for her drivers’ license. The airline worker told us we would not make it in time to go home and come back before boarding time. It would have costed an arm and a leg also to change her flights. The dilemma of this reality hit her.

We decided to tell her to calm down and lets pray as panic would not get us anywhere. We started interceding for an intervention as she handed me her boarding passes for all 3 flights and her money purse with all her cash so she could go through her backpack one more time just in case to see if maybe, just maybe, her drivers’ license might still have been slipped in there without her remembering doing so. Then I realized that the longer we stood around, the shorter the window of time was getting. We had only one hour before boarding time and it takes 45 minutes to drive home, 45 to drive back. I told them to intercede on my behalf, we need an intervention, pray for my safety as I have never raced over speed limit before, at least not more then 5 miles over speed limit which is 70 on highway. I jumped into the old car and was on my way!

I have a fear of high speed. There are often police on the road ready to bust speeders. On I75 it is common for deer to cross the roads. It had rained the night before, so the roads were very wet. There was fog in parts. Tom’s car is older and hardly gets outside of city limits ever so not a car to put through a lot. With all of these I had 1 HOUR! All I can say is that my legs were shaking from the adrenaline. I was praying hard the whole time knowing that 2 things could go very wrong… The police could stop me and I’d get a very high ticket as I was traveling at 85-90 MPH for the first time in my life and not to mention that we realized I had left in a hurry with Shawna’s boarding passes and all her cash still in my possession! Talk about all things going wrong! Worst case scenario I could have had an accident and died on impact with that speed I was going at. Tom and girls prayed hard for the angels to carry my car home and back. And so they did! I interceded that His glory would go before me and come after me and reminded Him He caused time to stand still before when the sun stood still.

When I got home, raced inside to get her SS card and birth certificate. She asked me over the phone to check the trash cans. Lo and behold I discovered her drivers’ license in the bank envelope inside the trash can! She had taken the cash out of the envelope the day before, not realizing her ID was still in it and chucked it! (It had been a mentally overwhelming last-day. She is very responsible and mature and has never done such things). I want to report that I safely got back to the airport within 1 HOUR, what should have taken at least hour and a half on the road plus the time running inside to grab things and search 2 trash cans AND also make a quick stop to adjust the back window that had dropped open on the highway. (Yay for old cars!) May I add that whereas they told us earlier that she could not check in her bags without having an ID, just 15 minutes out, Shawna calls me to report that miraculously on second try they allowed Tom to check in both her luggage all the way to Hawaii without her ID on her yet since I was still on the way! She was all set, just needed me to get there, hand her her ID, boarding passes and her cash….. We had just enough time to squeeze her, affirm and tell her how much we love her and are excited for and proud of her. There are no time for tears under such conditions, we were all still very much so in awe at what had just transpired that early morning. Then she rushed through security check point and ran to her gate and got there with time to spare before boarding. Oh, my goodness, I don’t think writing about it does the experience any justice. No one can convince us we did not experience a supernatural intervention from God considering all the conditions described above. Tom even asked me if the car was shaking on the highway. Not an issue at all with the car, but my legs were! I never again want to speed like that!!! It was not fun to do what I highly fear, not to mention the danger, but we know angels carried me beyond my natural speed. All day, rethinking it all, my legs still felt like noodles. It took all of us to be brave together and believe for God’s intervention.

May we continue to sustain God’s supernatural interventions as we look for them in every opportunity. And may Shawna, despite this crazy experience, see all kinds of amazing God stories in her life in the years to come. At 2 am the call came in, she had landed safely. We were on the phone with her as she was unboarding and taking in the awe of having finally arrived where she feels is her home. She was almost in tears with overwhelming joy. It felt like we were right there with her where we all once lived. And then she texted to say all her luggage was there safely too and her childhood friend was there to pick her up. Praise the LORD!


Past Personal Angelic Encounters

In college I was so on fire for God, I used to have times of worship and scripture reading and focusing on hearing God’s voice. I’d climb on my roof to sit alone with Him. On one occasion I needed answers from God as I was praying about who would be my right life partner. I sat with my Bible open, praying, asking God to please speak to me. Looking back, I now realize the Lord must have sent an angel at that moment. Although I could not see him, I could feel the breeze that kept turning the Bible pages and it would fall on exact pages where I’d read and find His answer about my future husband. The pages kept turning and turning without me touching them until I was done reading all the scriptures on several pages where He wanted to speak to me that day. By the time the pages were done turning, I had all the confirmations I needed to hear that God was bringing Tom to be my husband.

Another time in college I prayed one night that the Lord would wake me up by 5am so that I could have enough time to worship and pray before heading to school. For some reason I must have had a busy day that I wanted to get up so early for my prayer time. I hate waking up that early so I earnestly prayed the Holy Spirit would wake me up. At 5am a loud knock came on my door. It woke me up. I thought it was my room mate knocking but at the same time I thought that would be weird because she never woke me up before for school and neither did I ask her to do so that early morning. But the Spirit let me know it was an angel that He sent to wake me up just like I asked. My morning was filled with joy knowing an angel came to knock on my door to wake me up.

One time when we were missionaries in Costa Rica, we were in church during praise and worship. I was up front dancing before the Lord and suddenly I started sprinting in the spirit in a small tight circle. This is something that is impossible to do humanly speaking. I was sprinting! In a tight circle! Looking back I realize and angel must have grabbed my arm and spinning in one place he must have been swinging me around and around real fast. All I know is that I was screaming, freaking out wondering what in the world is going on and I could not stop it for the life of me! I am sure that was a sight! After a little bit I was slain in the spirit and I was fine but real surprised at what had just happened.

I was part of a women’s prayer and Bible study group at my mother-in-law’s house a few years back. There are angels in her living room all the time and some of the women can see them with their physical eyes. Up to this point I have never seen them. But at the time I learned how to feel their presence on my skin. So I’d stick my hand out and slowly walk through the room until I could feel heat on my hand. Once past the angel the heat would also be gone. And I’d do it several times to feel the places where angels were standing. I’d first go in the corner where others were always seeing an angel. Sometimes they’d be holding a scroll and so on. And then we’d go back to our time of worshipping the Lord and prayer and study time.

Another time, about 2-3 years ago I was ministering in the healing rooms. We were all praying over each other before we see the sick people who were there to be prayed over. As I sat down, still meditating on the Lord, suddenly my right hand started turning all by itself in slow motion. But in a way that I could not do it on my own even if I tried! I knew there was an angel there turning my hand. There was no pain and it was turning so far that my thumb was touching my wrist! To do this myself I’d have to push my thumb into my wrist and it would hurt too. But this kept going and going for well over 3-5 minutes. I was just sitting there meditating on the Lord, feeling His presence. It was fun. I even told a friend standing next to me to check out what my hand is doing and that an angel must be standing before me. I couldn’t see it though.

Just last month in May my husband was working outside in the yard. Suddenly I hear him come inside and he told me that he was going upstairs to double check if there is anyone in the neighbor’s backyard. When he saw through the window that there was no one there in the neighbor’s yard, he told me that he saw a very tall being dressed in purple walk by our back fence. He said he figured it was an angel because it disappeared, but he just wanted to make sure it wasn’t someone next door. (funny because even if it was the neighbor, it would not be as tall as he was describing). A bit later he came inside for a drink and again saw an angelic being walk past the kitchen window. I was there with him but by the time I turned to look there was no one. We had been praying for open heavens in our home and on our property.

Note: The Bible is FULL of angelic activity and visitations, for those who would quickly conclude this is not possible or that it is demonic. Just open a concordance and read each verse where an angel is mentioned. We are never to worship angels nor make them our focus. We are after the Lord. They are ministering spirits who are sent by God to war on our behalf, protect, bring messages, strengthen, etc. Angelic activity is as real as our own activities. Some see them and others like me, we just need to pray God opens our eyes to see them like Elisha prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant to see that those with them were more then the enemy coming against them. I’ve only seen angles in visions so far. I invite God’s angels to worship the Lord together with us in our home.

If you’ve had angelic encounters, feel free to share below. The Bible says some have entertained angels without knowing. I know of many stories of people who have had strangers come help them then disappear. The books in my reading list are also filled with stories of angelic encounters.

Vision – On Earth As It Is In Heaven

In December of 2011 I had 3 visions one day, one after another. I wanted to share one of them here.

In the vision I saw myself walking with Jesus in a place where the grass was very vibrant green. As I was watching the two of us walk together, I saw way in the distance what looked like a beautiful Moroccan palace with a golden roof. As I wondered what that was and curious as to what we were going to see when we got there, suddenly the vision took me up in the sky while I could see Jesus and myself very far in the distance below, still walking in the direction of that Moroccan palace as everything was getting smaller and smaller and I was being taken higher and higher until I reached a place in the heavenlies. I don’t know where that was, but I knew it was not the throne room. What I saw to my surprise was a group of angels sitting, maybe a dozen or so of them, each holding drums between their legs and beating fast on their drums with sticks. They were all in rhythm and raised their sticks at times and beat those against each other and then again on the drums. Then I understood that my story was being told in heaven and the sound of their drums were saying “Amen, so be it, Amen”. They were agreeing with this story through their music (although I didn’t hear the details of what was being told, I just knew it was my story as in all the plans God has for my destiny). But as I watched the angels agreeing with their music on the drums, suddenly standing across from them, a larger drum was given to me also, it looked like a Congo. I was supposed to play it too accompanying the angles. As I started beating fast on my drum, I realized the sound of my drum was repeating “On earth as it is in heaven, on earth as it is in heaven”. After that the vision switched and I was back on earth seeing another vision altogether.

I was very encouraged to know that God has a great plan for my life (not only mine, each one of us who choose to walk with Him) and I got to witness the angels agreeing with that story and me praying along that God’s will for my life be done on earth as it is in heaven. I say Yes, LORD.

After that I saw the following vision


Vision: Arena Full Of Angels

In 2010 the whole topic of entering vision and seeing angels was new to me. I was very fascinated with learning and wanting to see God’s angels yet not knowing what to expect. Others have told me that they see angels in Church during the service, others have seen them while praying in small groups in homes. Some see them in open visions, others in closed visions. Some said angels have wings in these visions, others have said that not all angels have wings. Well, I didn’t know what to expect and what to look for. But I prayed for some time that God take my fear away because deep down I felt afraid of what I would see. Kinda like in the Bible when people freaked when an angel appeared and that angel would then tell them every time ‘do not fear’… I felt that fear in advance! haha. So, I focused on the Lord knowing He is not afraid of angels. Good point I guess.

So, one day I asked God to take me in His presence in a vision, but I really don’t know upfront what I am going to see and angels were not on my mind at the time. I just let the vision roll like a movie. I saw myself opening this door that I was led to. When I opened the door, it was all clouds inside. I couldn’t see anything else nor could I tell the size of the room I had entered. But I felt I was being lifted at my waist suspending me in the air, like being lifted by a crane. As I was moved through the clouds towards the center of that place, I still couldn’t see anything, I just knew I was suspended in mid-air. Then the clouds started dissipating so I could start seeing. To my big surprise I now could see the whole place – it seemed like an arena to me – from top to bottom crowded with angels. Normally in a stadium people are seated in rows one behind another as the rows are elevated going towards the back. In this arena the angels were like stacked on top of another against the walls. From floor to ceiling! So many of them you couldn’t count the angels. I remember going “whoooaaaaaa”. I had never seen a crowd of angels before in my life. As I was suspended in the air watching them, I got the sense that they were there witnessing a match. I realized what they were watching was believers in their fight against the enemy, fighting the good fight. It was like they were watching a boxing match. And every time a believer had victory these angels would cheer loudly. I even saw that they had their own noise makers just like people use during sports matches. And they were going wild cheering for the believers. I am not a sports person, so I didn’t stay in that vision very long, but I thought it was so encouraging to know that we are being cheered for in our lives as the angels witness our good fight here on earth. I loved the imagery God showed me.

1 Timothy 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.