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Glimpses of Heaven and The Nations…

I love how you love me, Jesus. I love how you are faint with love for me and miss me so much when I don’t come spend quiet time, listening to you. I am reading so much about heaven and sometimes I am soooo longing for that place. I know I would love to go there sooner then later sometimes. But now we can even go through vision. I would love for you to show me places in heaven even now. What do you think?



Countries And Cities Where I’ve Been

The Nations are on God’s heart, therefore I love the nations. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many countries and cities. Some places I have lived in growing up or later for missions, some I traveled to for vacation with my parents as a youngster and also for short term missions later with my husband and kids. Click on the names of the countries to see where they are located. Use tool to zoom in or out of map for better view. If you are from any of these countries or have traveled to any of them, cheer in comments.

* Born and raised there in paradise!

* My parents lived there when I was an infant. No memories except for baby pictures.

* Lived there as a little girl for about 3 years. Attended Kindergarten and 1st grade there.
* Attended College there for 3 years. 1990-1993

* Traveled there on many occasions growing up.

* PUERTO PLATA – Traveled there as a pre-teen for vacation – 1983
* Later for a missions conference with husband and girls in 2004

* MORAVIA – Lived there short term with my parents and sister – 1987
* HEREDIA – Lived there 2 years as missionaries with husband and girls – 1997-1999
* LOS CHILES – Lived there as missionaries for 3 years – 1999-2002


* Short visit on Vacation – 1990

* LARA – 1992

* KAILUA KONA ON BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII – First trip there I got engaged to my now husband.
Then Lived there for missions 2 separate times.
* Eldest daughter was born there. 1993-1995
* Returned 2002-2003 School of Biblical Studies.

* TORONTO – Short visit for a conference 1995

* ESTELI – Lived there for missions for a year. 1996-1997

* TEGUCIGALPA – Several short visits while in Nicaragua for missions. 1996

* WORCESTER – Lived there for 6-8 months for missions – 1998-1999

* MONTEGO BAY – Lived there for one year before leaving mission field. 2003-2004

* MICHIGAN – Settled here since 2004

* SAO PAOLO – Our Daughter’s wedding May 2014.
* UBATUBA (we were in all 3 cities in 9 days)

Maybe when we are empty nesters in couple years, we will set sail again to the nations. For now I pray the Lord take me to many more countries through vision as I join Him in ministry. I posted some of these countries the Lord took me to in the spirit, under the category “Missions Overseas”. Though only through vision, all the details I saw made me feel as if I truly was there. A special greeting to all my readers and followers from these countries mentioned above.


Vision: Traveling With Jesus To Nepal

Just as a warning… This panoramic vision lasted 42 minutes, so in writing it out, it will be very long. But it was very beautiful as the vision progressed and I am so amazed at Jesus and His power to save, even those who had never heard of Him before.

I had this vision sometime in April of 2010. I am now sharing it because someone I know will be traveling there soon for ministry. I have never been to Nepal before on missions, but would love to some day if the Lord so permits. What I witnessed through this vision makes me feel as though I had somehow been there though. Here we go…

I saw in the vision – Jesus and I started going up in a hot air balloon. I saw us going higher and higher, I was throwing out sand bags and we went still higher. I knew this represented me leaving behind all concerns and just focus on the Lord. I could see the fire shooting upward into the balloon and I knew it represented the fire of His Spirit as we kept going higher through many clouds. We had a conversations Jesus and I, but I can’t remember anything about that conversation. I sensed we were flying in a totally different direction I had never gone to before. Later I felt us landing and I knew in my spirit this was in Nepal. It was very mountainous and we were out in the rural, not in a city. There was lots I was seeing in the vision. The beautiful mountains and landscape. I could see Jesus and I crossed a little bridge where-under there was a stream flowing and I could see the fish in it. I realized we were on a mountainous area and we could see a large valley and this stream was running into the valley. I noticed only one house. The house structure was very different then what I am used to here in the West. It looked very oriental. As we walked past the house, there was a man sitting on the porch of his house watching us. I kept looking into the vision and noticed that Jesus and I paused to look back at the man, but he disappeared and went inside and I felt he wanted nothing to do with us. So we continued to walk a little bit and I sensed the man was secretly watching us from inside his house. As the road ended just some feet ahead, we could see into the valley and we realized it is where crops are growing. Beautiful landscape, open air. Since the trail ended we turned around to come back towards the house where still we don’t see anyone so in the vision I noticed Jesus and I went to look for this man. As we entered his house, we sensed he was hiding and not wanting to come out. We left and went back the same direction we had come across the bridge. When we got to the other side of the bridge I noticed on my right side a cemented area and saw that our hot air balloon had landed on that cemented area. I saw tall trees by it. But as I was watching in the vision I became aware in my spirit that this cemented area was a high place, a place for spiritual rituals. It was a sacred place. I felt Jesus wanted us to stick around to see what would happen, but we got into our hot air balloon and started ascending as Jesus tied the hot air balloon to the ground so we could rise above just enough not to be noticed and we could wait and watch from above and see what would happen at this high place when the man would come out. After a while we noticed the man came out. He was old and he was carrying buckets of water with him and I didn’t know what he would do with them. We were just waiting and watching. I watched in the vision and saw that we started landing again but we were behind him and he did not realize we were there. He was doing something with the water, a cleansing ritual process, splashing water. I sensed he had some images with him and was practicing his ritual not at all realizing we were there. He really thought we had left. I now realize that he was somehow ‘cleansing’ the area we had just ‘defiled’ by landing our hot air balloon on it, his altar.

Suddenly he noticed us behind him and freaked out. He was stand-offish and started backing out a little. He would not talk but we were smiling at him. We wanted him to know that we are friendly guests and we had not come to harm him. Me not realizing what we were doing, we again stepped onto his cemented area in an attempt to approach him and then I saw him frowning. I realized then we had seriously offended him. Jesus and I started backing up and we started apologizing to him. In the vision, my spirit was only becoming aware of what was happening as the vision was rolling. That’s why I didn’t know from the beginning that he had been hiding because we had offended him by landing there. We stepped onto the grass area opposite of him and we could tell he was very standoff-ish. In a friendly attempt, I stretched out my hand to shake his, but he did not react. So, awkwardly I just folded my hands and stood there as all 3 of us were quiet. And here started the process of introducing Jesus to him. I am amazed how in the vision Jesus totally left it up to me to introduce Him however I felt the opportunity opening up, keeping in mind that this man, just as millions in Nepal, have no concept at all of who Jesus is. So, where does one begin to explain? I had no idea what to even say!!

I sensed by watching the vision, that this man was annoyed, we had not only interrupted his practice but also offended him when we stepped twice now onto his altar. He was not about to smile. But we were now there, we came upon him so now he couldn’t hide anymore. I started out: “Well, I brought a Guest with me today. Your place is so beautiful. I want you to tell me about this place, I am amazed at the beauty of your place here”. He started looking around at the mountains and I felt him relaxing a little bit and he could tell we weren’t meaning to invade his space. I started to ask him about his life there in the mountains and what he does for a living. I saw that he moved closer to us and started pointing at the mountains, then the valley and started showing us the surroundings. He understood that we were ‘tourists’ so he felt more relaxed to be our host. We complimented his surroundings very much, we told him how beautiful everything is and how fresh the air is and told him that where I live it is not as fresh and open and beautiful. I could tell that by then he was so relaxed that he offered us a drink. I sensed all offense was gone. We accepted his offer of a drink.

The little old man rushed inside to get us a drink and Jesus and I remained there standing and I really was not sure how to proceed from there. I wanted to play things by ear and was happy Jesus was there with me as I really did not know what else to say, but I really wanted to introduce Jesus to this man. Without offending or causing him any upset. So I asked Jesus. “How can I introduce him to you, Jesus?” I sensed Jesus said “through love”. But in what way can I show love to this man? Right then I saw the man coming back out of his house with a tray, carrying a teapot and cups. He set them down and we sat in the grass and he started pouring tea for Jesus, then for me, then for himself. So we started talking casually and I continued to tell him how beautiful everything there was. He then told us that he farms that land. He said he had been there for a long time. I am not sure he has family, I know he was there alone and sensed no one else is in the home. Then in the vision I saw a cart rolling in a little ways out. A man whom I sense he knows has arrived, I sense they work together. I start having this ‘knowing’ as I watch the vision. Our host stood up and started waving at the man arriving with his cart. When closer our host started pointing to us with both hands to show that he has guests and invited his co-worker to join us. Then he ran inside to get another cup. The co-worker looked dirty like he just came off the fields himself. He had a hat on, layered clothes and he extended his hands immediately to greet us. Jesus reached out and shook his hands. Then I shook. He sat on the opposite side of Jesus and by then our host came out holding what looked like cakes or at any rate some baked goods. I sensed that by now our host was completely relaxed and not feeling threatened anymore because now he had a friend with him. It was not an issue anymore what we did earlier to offend him. He started telling his co-worker that we were tourists and that we came to admire this land. The co-worker agreed it is beautiful there and became curious as to where I came from. I answered that I live in the United States of America and they both went “Aaaah”. They said they had heard a lot about the USA and its people. I sensed they thought it was very different in the USA including the belief system. So, immediately I sensed that was an ‘open’ door for our conversation to both compare our living experiences as well as introducing Jesus. We started talking about the weather in both places. I told them about our 4 seasons and told them I didn’t like the cold weather. They told me it gets very cold there too and that they have seasons too. (I want to go check out these things I saw and heard in the vision now as I don’t know a lot about Nepal). They asked a lot of questions about America including the wealth Americans have. He expressed also that they feel very happy where they live. It is open and beautiful and that they do not rather live in the USA. I affirmed them that they do indeed live in a very beautiful place. But then I felt stuck, not knowing how else to proceed. I sensed Jesus nudge me and I wasn’t sure what the nudge was all about but then understood He wanted me to proceed with explaining who He is to them.

So I proceeded: “Actually my Guest here knows your country very well”. They responded with a
questioning “ooh?”. I continued: “Yes,…ummm, He knows your country completely, He has been here for many many years and actually it is Him who brought me here today. I am actually the tourist, He is not… uuuhmm, He…, He knows ALL the countries in the world”. And they were like “really? How is that? Why… Where does HE come from?” Oh, my goodness. I felt it became harder to explain. So I went on… “Well, I am the tourist and He is my Tour Guide. I … uummm, I am happy that I don’t have to pay Him, He just takes me places. I love to go to different places but He knows all the different countries and He is very familiar with your country and with this place and … umm, the people also and He LOVES your country. He loves your people… He loves your people very much!” By now they were intrigued and asked: “Well, who is this Man then? Who is this Tour Guide?” I found myself saying: ” Umm, well…. His Name is Jesus. His Name is Jesus. I actually came to introduce Him to you because He loves your land and He is very much so familiar with your people”. By now I saw these 2 men smiling and I sensed they felt very honored. They felt so honored Jesus came to them. The walls went down. They did not feel threatened. We were sharing tea together and so now they wanted to know about Jesus! They wanted to know where He was from and how come He knows their land and their people. By then I really wanted Jesus to start speaking now because He could better introduce Himself to them.

So, now, I saw in the vision, their attention was totally turned towards Jesus since He is the One who knows them so well. Jesus smiled and extended His hands to them and He said: “My Name is Jesus. I indeed love your country, I love your people”. I also sensed He asked them “What do you need? I could help you with your needs” By then I sensed the men’s reaction was like “wow”. They could not believe this Man came to offer them help with anything at all. They looked at their cart and the oxen. (I did not know if in the vision I saw oxen or yaks, I went to look on the internet and the yak are indeed in that area). The men looked in the direction of their cart and were comfortable to talk about their work. I watched in the vision and saw them get up and took Jesus towards their cart and the animals. Jesus went with them willingly and I was happy because now it was the 3 of them talking about what they were comfortable talking about and I was just sitting back and watching. I sensed Jesus told them “Ask Me anything you want. I came to give you anything you need, so go ahead and ask. I am ready to give you whatever you want and need” The men are surprised. They were baffled and like…”who is this Man?” They wondered how come they have never seen Him nor heard about Him before if He is so familiar with their land and loves their people. I saw that they were even more excited and started sharing some things with Jesus that is work related and their daily lives. I don’t know what they were talking about because I have remained on the grass area by myself and have decided to let the men talk alone. So I sat there drinking my tea and praying in the spirit that the Holy Spirit would soften these men’s hearts and to allow them to open up to Jesus so that they would receive His love. Touch their eyes so that their eyes would be open. Allow them to realize their needs are deeper then their ox carts and daily work. I prayed for a while. I saw Jesus making motions and the men were so relaxed watching Him. Their walls were down and their body language was like leaning in to Jesus, almost like lost in the moment as Jesus was talking to them. I just watched in the vision. He was ministering to them for a while. By then the men wanted what Jesus had to offer. They were in no hurry. They had complete attention on Jesus. I kept praying as I looked into the vision. I saw the men touching their hearts as if they were saying “we want to receive you into our hearts”. I saw both bow down on their knees before Jesus and He held their hands. They had their heads bowed down. So I started praying that the Holy Spirit would help them understand salvation and life in Him. Help them understand the Kingdom of God because this is so foreign to them. They don’t know anything about the Gospel and Christianity, they just know that in the West people have different belief system. They had never heard about Jesus, the Son of the Living God. This was a lot for them to take in. As I continued praying, I saw their faces were radiant. I saw tears of joy on the older man’s face. I could hear him thanking Jesus with a lump in his throat. They both grabbed Jesus and hugged Him around His chest. Jesus reminded them that He loves them, their people and their country. He told them that He is the creator of their land. They were so honored and baffled. They were blown away to know that the Creator of their country was standing there with them. I saw that they were pulling Jesus into the house. As they walked past me Jesus winked at me and said “good job introducing Me”. I was amazed because I did not expect things to go that way. I didn’t even know how to start off the introduction in the beginning.

I decided to sit outside waiting as the men took Jesus into the house. They were in the house for a while, showing Jesus pictures, articles and many things in the house. I sensed that Jesus was promising them to always be with them. The men wanted to make sure this was real. I sensed in my spirit that the older man was telling Jesus that if He was coming back to visit, he would have a guest room there for Him. “You can always come stay, always welcome here”. In fact, I hear them say “please come back”. Jesus reassured them He is coming back, He knows that place so well. He pulled out a box for them and the men were blown away that Jesus even brought them a gift. They were exclaiming “how did you know?”. Jesus told them that this is the gift He gives to all who receive Him. The men were so happy they were hugging their boxes and laughing and crying at the same time with amazement. Jesus promised not to leave them, that He would come back for them. It was good to see these men so very excited. Then Jesus beckoned to me to come in because we have been invited in for a meal. I watched the man serve us from a pot on the stove. As I kept looking into the vision… Oh, my! These men were talking up a storm, they were not shutting up! I was just listening in and letting them have their time with the Lord. We were eating some kind of stew as Jesus was listening to them and smiling. The men were so amazed and overwhelmed. They had never had such a guest in the house. They kept offering more food even though we were full. They were offering everything they could even tough we assured them we were fine. Then they offered to wash our feet. (I am not sure if this is a custom in Nepal). So they took us outside where earlier the older man was doing his rituals with the intention to use the same water to wash our feet. Instead Jesus said “May I? May I wash your feet?” And the men started crying. I watched in the vision as the men were covering their faces as they were crying and crying while Jesus was washing their feet and then ready to put their sandals on. Then Jesus said “you don’t need these sandals anymore, because I brought you new sandals”. The men didn’t have words. They wanted to smile but they could not contain the tears. They just kept crying and crying as Jesus held them against His chest. He kept reassuring them how much He loved them and the people of their country, He told them He was happy they met Him that day and that He would be returning. I was just watching in the vision, I had nothing else to say as Jesus was doing all the work. It seemed like the men didn’t want to let us go. Jesus continued to reassure them that they would see Him again and that He had sent His Holy Spirit. I saw the men raise their hands, shut their eyes to receive the Holy Spirit. I saw them being slain in the spirit and stayed in that position with their arms raised. They were so relaxed like they just received the best massage. I prayed for them that they Lord would teach them daily His ways as there is no Bible Study group there where they could attend. I prayed that Bibles could reach them and Missionaries to reach them and re-explain the Gospel to them to confirm everything they just experienced.

We got ready to leave, we walked to our hot air balloon and watched them waiving and waiving as we were going higher and higher until we didn’t see them anymore. I told the Lord….”Wow, way to introduce yourself to people who had never ever heard of Your existence before”. Jesus thanked me for having come along with Him and for introducing Him to them in a nonthreatening way and thanked me for being sensitive to them. Then I felt us landing in the same place where we first took off. When we landed, Jesus gave me a whole bucket of water to drink also. I thanked Him for giving me living water and to the men also whom we just met. And there the vision ended.

I believe the Lord allowed me to participate with Him in a situation where He made Himself known to those who otherwise had no one to go preach the Gospel to them and I went along through vision. I also believe God already did this ground work as now others I know are going in to take the Gospel and hearts will be softened to receive the good news. It was a very beautiful experience, especially because everything I was seeing was surprising me as it was happening. I could sense what was being said and thoughts that were thought and emotions that were felt. I pray the Lord continue to work in hearts of those who do not have Bible studies available to them like we do here. The Holy Spirit knows just how to do that.

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Vision: Traveled with Jesus to Greece

This vision I had sometime ago during the time I took a 10 day break to rest in the Lord. You may have read about the time I had the vision about meeting with Jesus at the well. In this next vision the Lord took me to either Greece or Turkey and it started during a prayer time in a ladies Bible Study group. But the vision kept rolling like a movie past the time the prayer meeting was over, so I went home and prayed that God would let me see the rest later and He did. The vision lasted for over 20 minutes total in 2 sessions (I know I wasn’t translated there in the body because I was very aware of my surroundings while I was watching this vision unfold) and I prayed according to what I saw, although I never really found out any news about these countries. I will share now… I will try to be brief for the sake of length.

During worship time I closed my eyes, asking God to show me something new. The vision starting rolling. I saw myself at the well with Jesus. We were having a good time, we even flew a kite. I asked Jesus if He could let me fly into the sky by holding on to the kite. He gave me permission and I went way high in the sky with the kite. I could see Him on the ground waving at me, holding the string. From up there I could see the whole desert area I had walked before reaching the well. I kept going higher and higher and we could still communicate. I asked Jesus “are you leaving me alone up here?” He answered that His Spirit is the Kite I was flying with, so I was by no means alone. (I thought that was cool). But suddenly the vision changed and Jesus and I were in a hot air balloon. I was watching us going up higher, I saw the fire shooting into the balloon and I thought of the fire of God. We were throwing out the sand bags to go even higher and I thought of “casting off my burdens”. But I got nervous not knowing where we were going in this vision. Since the trip was long, Jesus pulled a picnic table out of the thin air and we ate together. (I smile because I love these surprises He pulls on you as you watch a vision unfold). Then I clearly heard “Turkey” and I knew then where He was taking me. All I was seeing were clouds. Then I heard very clearly “Greece” and “Ireland”. I also heard “parliament”. (I have to believe I heard God because I don’t know anything about foreign politics and I couldn’t have come up with any of this). Once we landed (I wasn’t sure in which of these countries) we started walking, but still I saw only clouds. Then out of the thin air I suddenly saw 2 men, each wearing a fez. In fact I had to stop watching the vision to ask the ladies in the room if they could help me by the description of what I was seeing so I could know what country I was in, in the vision. (This happens often. I stop to research and then enter vision again just to calm myself that I am on track with what I see) I described the male headwear I saw (red tall hats with the tassels hanging in the back). A friend of mine got on the internet on her phone and showed me a picture of a fez and I exclaimed: “Yes! That is what I am seeing”. Once I saw it was real and I wasn’t making this up, I was more comfortable continuing to watch the vision unfold. As I closed my eyes again, the 2 men in the vision said “follow us”. I saw that Jesus and I started following these 2 men. We followed them all the way to a large plaza where there was a beautiful tall great building with beautiful tall pillars. We walked up the ramp and it had beautiful tiles! The balcony area was overlooking the plaza and there was a fountain in the middle of the plaza. The 2 men had disappeared, it was just Jesus and I. Then I saw a small group of men gathering in the plaza area and I knew they were people in authority. I couldn’t hear what they were saying or meeting about. I just knew this had to do with people in important leadership positions. But suddenly I saw a huge black fat snake by them. (Snakes always represent demonic influence in dreams and visions). I have never seen such a fat snake in my life! This is where I left off and had to go home.

Once I got home the vision continued rolling. I saw that there were 3 men meeting and I sensed that they represented these 3 nations. Greece, Ireland and Turkey. (I don’t know much about these 3 countries or the relationship they have with each other, I just know that Greece and Turkey are neighboring countries). As I saw the snake by them I asked Jesus what we should do. “Should we go kill the snake?” Jesus told me that I needed to go tell them about this snake by their legs. I was nervous to go as I wasn’t sure they’d pay attention to me. So, Jesus offered to go with me. We walked down the ramp of this real beautiful tall building with beautiful tiles until we reached the men. They were casually talking to each other, hands in the pockets of their suits. It seemed they were very acquainted with each other and they didn’t even notice us. The snake saw us first and started charging at us. As soon as it got closer, Jesus pointed His finger at it and the snake started rolling over multiple times and then couldn’t move anymore. Then we were able to approach the men. I said “excuse me, I came to tell you there is a huge snake by you here”. I was shocked by their answer. “Yes, we know, it’s our pet, mind your own business, why are you even here? You are not even from here, why don’t you leave us alone and mind your own business”? In shock I figured that maybe I should present Jesus to them. I again said “excuse me, do you know who my Guest here is?” pointing to Jesus. They glanced at Jesus briefly, turned their back against us and carried on as to purposely ignore us. They started walking a bit away from us. I asked Jesus what we should do next, seeing that they acknowledge the snake is their pet and don’t seem to want to talk to us. “Should we kill the snake anyway?” He answered that we can not kill their pet without their consent. (talk about free will!) He said “lets sit on this bench here and wait a bit and watch. No sooner had we sat down, the 3 men turned, looked at the snake and ran towards it and got on the ground and started hugging and petting this big, ugly, fat snake! As if it was the cutest thing they ever saw! The snake turned, looked at us, sneered with a look that said “You see? They love and want me, there is nothing you can do about that!”. So, we looked beyond the fountain in the opposite direction and saw a huge steamroller coming our way! I thought “oh, no! the steamroller is about to kill the snake”. No sooner had I thought that, I knew in my spirit that not only the snake, but the 3 men also. I knew this was judgement time! I freaked and asked Jesus if we should warn them once more. He told me I could attempt once more. As I quickly ran to the men to tell them the steamroller is coming their way and that they needed to repent and let go of this snake, one of them backhanded me in the face so hard that I fell on the ground! (Good thing we don’t get hurt in visions but I was speechless as I saw this happening to me). It got up, went to Jesus and told Him they would not listen. He told me “it’s too late, there is nothing more to do now, destruction is coming, it’s judgment time”. I was so freaked out I didn’t feel I wanted to stay and watch. I said to Jesus “let’s go, let’s get out of here!” As we were running off, we saw the first thing that got crushed under the steamroller was the fountain. Then suddenly I saw blood bath. I didn’t even want to look back. I heard screaming and without looking back I could see the tail of the snake flipping under the wheels of the steamroller and blood flowing. (sorry to be so vivid). We quickly got into our hot air balloon and headed back to where we came from and landed again by the well. click here to read how I got to the well. When we got there I asked Jesus what I could we have done. Jesus answered “there is nothing you could have done other then what you already did. PRAY FOR REPLACEMENT. And that the replacement won’t choose a snake for their pet! Pray for replacement”.

So, this was the end of the vision. And so I prayed. For replacement. I have to confess I don’t even know what this vision pertains to, I saw what He wanted to show me and I prayed accordingly. It may help a reader to know this vision I saw was in 2010. I don’t know if it was about something that happened back then or something still about to happen. I don’t watch international news much, and much less foreign politics. Please agree with me in prayer: “Lord, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Bring your judgement on the wicked who defy and resist you and bring replacement”. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!




Vision: Traveling With Jesus To Africa

Political map of Africa. (Hover mouse to see n...

I love it when I go overseas with Jesus through visions on a mission He wants to accomplish and I get to watch Him minister to the locals. Click on the blue link to read more onĀ receiving different kinds of visions.

The first one I remember took me by surprise and went like this. (For the sake of length of story, I will skip much detail of what I saw and keep the more important ones) I was enjoying my quite time with the Lord when I saw a small airplane in a vision. The kind that seats only 4-6 people. Then I saw that Jesus and I got into the airplane and we took off. I though “oh, we’re going on a trip!” But I sensed we were going to travel very far because we started off during the day and it turned night as we flew! I could see the clouds, I could tell we were flying through a storm and I could sense the airplane shaking in the turbulence. On the monitor screen I could see a map from where we started off and where we would land but still had no idea where He was flying us. Since in real life we flew to South Africa as missionaries and that was the longest flight we ever experienced – 14.5 hours – I assumed we were going to South Africa in this vision. But really it could have been anywhere in Africa.

I remember when we finally landed in the middle of nowhere, we had to wait quite a while before unboarding due to a terrible sand storm. I have never experienced a sand storm before in real life. After we unboarded the airplane we walked for some time and reached an African village that had all huts with thatched roofs, dirt floors, no cars there, so no streets. I could see some children playing outside and women walked towards us to meet and greet us. They took us to a community center, it seems like a pavilion in the center of the community. To my surprise we did not see any men. Just these women and children and I wondered why there were no men around, it seemed odd. Under the pavilion the women told us that they had some concerns and wondered if we could help them. I looked into Jesus’ eyes waiting to see what He would say. Jesus told the women He’d love to help and asked what they needed. I found courage then to also agree and say “yes, we can definitely help, just tell us what concerns you have”. So the women lead us a little ways away from the village to a hill where there was a huge tree. I had never seem such a large trunked, old tree in real life. There was a real old man with long white beard squatting there by the tree in what looked like white cloth around his loins. I knew right away he was not a good person, I sensed he was a warlock. Then the ladies pointed to the sky over the village, now behind us. Hovering over their village was a huge black bird. The oversized bird was just still in the sky, looking towards this old man as if waiting for instructions. The ladies exclaimed “there, you see that thing? We don’t want that over our village. Tell it to go away!” We knew right away it was a dark spiritual influence over the village and that this old man was directly controlling the spiritual atmosphere there. Also, in the distance I saw a large swarm of locusts coming towards the village. Jesus stretched out His hands and the black bird vanished. Next He made the large tree shrink so much it became the size of a mushroom and then vanished too, so did the old long bearded man. On our way back to the village I dared to ask the women why we have not seen any men around. That is when they told us that the men there had lost their authority and have not taken their place in the community, rather have shrunk back (maybe in their identities or as strong men and warriors or leaders?) But as soon as the women were done explaining to us that this was caused by that old man who was controlling the wellbeing of their village including the position of their men, right there we saw men started coming out. At first shyly, but then they started doing their warrior dances and Jesus gave them spears which they started wielding and they had become bold and courageous. After we blessed them we left them and boarded the airplane again and started flying back home. Also Jesus had created a barrier so that those swarm of locusts could not reach the village later either. So, that was our missions trip to somewhere in Africa, where I am not sure. If any reader recognizes any of the details, I’d be curious to know where this was. Not sure if the sand storm was something in the natural or just symbolic for spiritual storm. I have asked the Lord if this vision was to show us some place we will be going in the future but I don’t know the answer. It could also be that He was just showing me what He had done for faithful praying women in some distant land and I got to witness it first hand through vision.