YWAM’s 8 Steps for Hearing God’s Voice

1. Clean Heart. Make sure your heart is clean before God by giving the Holy Spirit time to convict you about any un-confessed sin in your life. Confess that of which He speaks: See: Ps 66.18, Hosea 5.4, Ps. 51.10, Heb 10.22.

2. Acknowledge your dependence on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you. Ask God to completely control you by His Spirit. See: Eph 5.18, John 14.16,17, Joh 16.13, Acts 16.6-10.

3. Die to your own reasoning, imaginations, desires and burdens of what you feel you should pray for. See: Prov.3.5-6, Isa 55.8

4. Deal aggressively with the enemy. Silence his voice. See: James 4.7, 2 Cor. 10.4,5.

5. Ask God for the fear of the Lord. See: Prov. 1.7, Hos 5.4.

6. Praise Him by faith for the exciting time He is going to give you. God will do something consistent with His character. See: Num 23.19, Ps. 103.17, Ps. 95.1,2.

7. Wait before God in silent expectancy. Listen for direction. See: Ps.62.5, Ps 46.10.

8. In faith and obedience, take action on what God brings to your mind, believing He has spoken to you. See: 2 Chron. 20.21-22

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8 responses

  1. You have some fantastic thoughts and insights to share with the world. – Victoria

    1. Thank you so much Victoria. That meant a lot! Feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere. Hugs.

  2. I like what Oswald Chambers once said. He said that the saint that is in the Presence of God is in the will of God.

  3. […] YWAM’s 8 Steps for Hearing God’s Voice […]

  4. Rev. Dr. Ian Longwe | Reply

    Very powerful indeed

  5. This is inspirational to the heart soul and body I have been asking god to direct me to see it a friend that I know is the right person for me. God Bless

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