I was talking to the Lord about some dissapointments and emotions. There are times when you feel that things would be better if …. (fill in the blanks). It seems like we are never 100% satisfied. Maybe I would be more valued if …. more appreciated if… more happy if…. more satisfied if… more fulfilled if…more content if…

But it was that still small voice that said “I WANT TO BE YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION”. I realized that indeed it is futile to assume that a better situation, location or even activity would make me more fulfilled and satisfied. As I sat down a few days later to journal what the Lord had to say, He asked again to allow Him to be that TOTAL FULFILLMENT in my life. He already approved of me, already saved me, already has me as His prized possession, already called me… nothing more is needed to fulfill or satisfy my soul. He also warned that our heart is always where our god is and that He wants to be my Only God. Even ministry does not complete me like He completes me. 

Lord Jesus… help me each time I find myself disappointed for not feeling accomplished enough, satisfied enough, valued enough or whatever else. Help me focus on You as my total satisfaction and that my soul needs nothing else. You are enough. 


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