Vision: Blowing Trumpets

As I am sitting here reading Mary Baxter’s account of her trips to heaven by the Spirit of God, all she saw and experienced, I am reminded of a snap shot, short vision I had on June 14th this year- of what that day will be like when I enter heaven myself. 
I saw how I will be received when I get there to heaven!!!!! Angels blowing trumpets.  Rows of skinny trumpets, sounding like when royalty arrives. I heard the sound in my spirit! Wooooow!!!! I was amazed…. like….”is all that for meeeee?” 
And I saw staircases as well, that I was being led up on by an angel on each of my side. The staircase looked so beautiful and the sides of it looked like quite the art work. Hard to describe. I can’t wait for that day!! I yearn for that eternal home. 



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