Please Escape Hell

2nd book review on the topic. It was at a Confererence that I heard James Goll talk about how he prophisied to a man, repeating 23 times that this man was going to hell. Bill Wiese was indeed taken to Hell by the Lord for 23 minutes one night and came back so he could warn others and tell of this beyond-horrific experience. I was very curious to read his book 23 Minutes In Hell after having read Mary Baxter’s A Divine Revelation Of Hell and compare their experiences. No surprise! Both gave same descriptions. Our soul will still have a body after death. Where will you spend eternity after you die?  We will still have our 5 senses which are more keen in the spirit world than in the natural dimension. Both Bill and Mary discribed the pits of hell as they saw it. Both experienced the torture and the pain. 

Then I saw that actually Youtube has several more accounts of people who experienced hell and came back to tell about it. And even so many still don’t believe Hell is a real place. This is baffling, seeing that in Luke 16:19-31 the rich man in torment in hell begs Abraham to send Lazarus back to his brothers to warn them of hell, to which Abraham replies that they have Moses and the Prophets to listen to. The rich man argues that if someone goes back from the dead, they would believe and repent. Abraham reassures him that if they are not convinced by the Prophets, neither will they be convinced even if someone comes back from the dead to warn them. And it is so! Still after these accounts of people who have experienced hell and came back to tell us, many still don’t believe it. One lady specifically told me: “You have to take those acounts with a grain of salt. All of their accounts are different, so…”.  She does not believe in Hell even after reading some of these accounts. It’s like saying: “everyone I know who traveled to Paris came back with a different account. Therefore I don’t believe Paris exists”. Please people…. repent and escape Hell! 

Other books on my list of ‘fave reads’…


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  1. Powerful books. Where did you find Mary Baxter’s books?

    1. My mother-in-law bought both of them to read while on a trip and told me about them. Then she let me borrow both. I am still reading the Heaven one. I love her writing.

      1. I’m still reading the heaven one as well

      2. Did you get the 23 minutes in Hell as well? I bought that one used on Amazon for $0.01 because I became hungry to let others know about this eye opening accounts. I knew New Testament described a lot but although read OT several times, never paid attention to so much detail and descriptions!!! Blown away and scared for those who wont listen. I think of this EVERY SINGLE day since I read these books.

      3. I read that one a while ago. That is also a very profound book.

    2. Have you read them as well?

      1. I read them as did Deb after I read your podt. I’ve bought copies for my kids

      2. You read 2 books THAT fast? I only posted them in the last 3 days!!! I am beyond impressed.

      3. I read the first one and an in the process of reading the heaven one

      4. Wow!! You are beyond a book worm. haha. I think you will finish heaven account before me. I take days!! Sometimes weeks. I process a lot.

      5. I will probably read it again and again. There’s a lot to digest.

      6. I agree!!! I have just told my kids that there are 3 books that totally changed my life. The way I think and the way I see life and eternity now. 1. The book that taught me how to journal and hear God’s voice for myself, 2. The Final Quest by Rick Joyner and now 3. Divine Revelation of Hell. Everything we do in this life has to count in eternity!! Eternity is all that matters. Because we will live for all eternity. Its just WHERE we will spend it.

      7. Did you read my post , ” I prayed the prayer ” ?

      8. I have not. Can you post the link here? It will be good for others to read as well.

      9. This book reminded me of that dream

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