Vision: God’s Abundance

If you just read the previous blog: “Vision: God’s Refrigerator”, this next one is on 2 visions God gave my daughter and I a few years back, again on His abundance. At the time it had to do with finacial provision for her.

Experiencing The Lover Of My Soul

My daughter and I were having a conversation just earlier. She had teary eyes as she was expressing her concerns and fears about God’s provision as she is about to launch into her calling as a missionary after graduation. I shared with her out of a book I was reading, it just happened to have a section where the author was sharing how in a vision he saw a storeroom in heaven where God showed him all kinds of money and told him about His provisions.

Then I suggested we pray and ask God to show us each a vision in regards to money and His provision. Tears were running down her face as she was waiting upon God and watching. I did the same thing individually and then we shared what we each saw and heard the Lord say.

She saw herself sitting on a bench, the Lord Jesus…

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