Vision: God’s Refrigerator

Today I was praying about God’s abundance. I asked God to show me a picture of what His abundance is like. It would help me see that His abundance is a total absence of lack! Any sort of lack. Whether it be emotional, financial, relationships, etc. It came to my mind that I could ask God to show me what His refrigerator in Heaven would look like if there was such a thing. (Now, don’t go run and say I said there is a physical refrigerator in heaven)…  🙂

Right away in prayer the picture started developing. This is what God’s abundance would look like: From the outside, His refrigerator would look like a normal double door large refrigerator. As tall as the one in your kitchen. But as soon as you open….. the size inside becomes ridiculously enormous. You can’t see the back of the refrigerator because it is so deep. The width is also crazy. Opening the refrigerator from the outside can be done by a single person, but when you open, thousands of people could crawl into it at the same time. It’s sooo tall. In fact you need ladders to climb up and reach things at higher level. There is bright light also inside of it. The bottles, jars, fruits, vegies, perishables, non-perishables, cooked food, raw food, desserts… all you can imagine. But the most amazing thing I could sense is that food never runs out!!! Thousands eat out of the refrigerator at the same time and the quantity of food never diminishes because this refrigerator keeps PRODUCING more food like a tree produces fruit. You can pick off fruit but more fruit keeps growing. That’s what His refrigerator is like! You can eat all you want. And best of all, you are not freezing cold inside the refrigerator (I hate cold weather) as it is the right temperature although when you open, the same kind of cold air rolls out like when you open a freezer! Can you see it? Can you picture it? Can you fathom this abundance? I speak this kind of abundance into my life! Let the natural agree with the supernatural that already exists in the glory realm!! Amen!  There is no lack with God. 

Click here to read 2 visions God showed me and my daughter about 3 years ago on His abundance.


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