Vision: My Own “Last Supper” With Jesus

Re-living a vision I had a couple years ago…

Experiencing The Lover Of My Soul

It was bedtime for me… so before drifting off to sleep I prayed and asked God if He would show me anything He wanted to show me if I were to place myself in that Biblical account.

I closed my eyes and started imagining what that upper room might have looked like, all ready for the party to show up. I was still creating the picture myself at that moment, seeing the walls, the low table and what might have been on the dining table, the windows in the room and what I might have seen outside the windows. I kept waiting to see what I would see when the Spirit of God would take over the mental picture as it would start flowing with life of its own. I thought maybe I would see Jesus come up the stairs with His disciples, so that was my expectation. But that…

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