2nd Financial Miracle In A Month

“Oh, Jesus! You see where my purse is, please keep it for me!!”

So, today I experienced the second miracle on my finances…. rather… protection over my finances. 

Less then a month ago I went to the store to do grocery shopping. I live about 10 minutes drive from the store. After I loaded up my car, put the cart away and drove home, arriving into my driveway I realized my purse was not with me. I freaked and hoped for the best as I started searching in my car and in bags. Once I saw it was no-where, I knew the worst had happened. I must have left it at the cashier or worse, in the cart I put away before getting into my car. I drove fast while praying: “Oh, Jesus! You see where my purse is, please keep it for me!!”… now realizing I don’t have a drivers’ licence on me either!! My wallet, ID, debit card and about $70 cash were the most valuables in my purse. When I got there I quickly glanced into the carts where there was nothing. I ran inside to the cashier and by then there was a different worker. At least 20 minutes had gone by! The one cashier said she saw nothing but relief came when the other cashier said “yes… a purse was taken to Customer Service”. Hope! So I ran there where a manager confirmed there is a purse and brought it out!! Thank you Jesus!!! When I opened, all my cash was in there, but the $50 bill was moved into a different section of my wallet. Who knows if someone intended to take it but then on second thought, put it back. On my way out a greeter told me an honest customer found it in a cart in the parking lot and brought it in!!!! How awesome was that???? Thank you Jesus! 

This next one was today yet!! I went to the post office to mail a package to my brother. I was ready to pay when they told me I needed to fill a customs declaration since it was going overseas. Because I didnt have my brother’s information I needed on me, I left to just go back tomorrow. I got into my car and drove to pick up my husband from work then straight to the gas station to fill up. Once parked at gas station I realize my debit card is missing. Since I had used my debit card online earlier at home I figured I just left it on my kitchen table because I didn’t even do a transaction at postoffice, so now I wasn’t even sure which was the last moment I had it. Drove home quick just to realize it is no where at home. “Oh, Jesus…You did it before, You did it before”. Drove fast to post office, bracing for the worst as at least half hour had gone by and traffic is high at counters. I walked in, the place full of people. I glance at the counter to see my debit card sitting there u n  t o u  c h e d!!! I couldn’t believe it!! For over half hour people kept walking past it not seeing it!!! Unbelievable. Thank you Lord!!!! You covered it to hide it from everyone’s view!!! I am baffled!! I grabbed and left! When we walk blameless before the Lord, He keeps our ways and our belongings. 

These are first time I experienced these but pray to not have to leave valuables behind ever again! 



7 responses

  1. That is so wonderful! Our God is great!

  2. Fantastic, I’m also pleased I’m not the only one who does things like this!

    1. True Ally!! Relief, eh? Actually my daughter has this issue very very often and for me it doesn’t ever happen and I used to get mad at her. But I see now it can happen to anyone! I can be more gracious now. You are def not alone!

  3. Oh, wow! My heart was beating faster just reading that! I have had some financial miracles, too.
    When I was younger, I had a young child, and an electricity bill arrived for £292 (about $500 to you), which was a lot of money in the 1980’s! I went white, I knew God looked after me, but how could I pay it? A few days later, what looked like the final demand to pay the £292 arrived. About to lay the letter down in depression, I looked at it again. It was a tax refund from the IRS, for £292!! I’ve never forgotten that one. Even the post office cashier looked startled when I handed them both to her saying ‘I want to use this to pay that.’ 😀

    1. Woooooow!!! What a testimony!

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