So What?

“God gave me so many promises” – So what?
“It’s been more then 7 years since He told me these things” – So what?
“I am tired of waiting on God” – So what?
“Why aren’t these things being fulfilled yet?” – So what?
“I look foolish after I shared these things by faith with others” – So what?
“Not sure I have strength to believe I hear correctly anymore” – So what?
“What if I’ve been wrong all along?” – So what?
“It hurts to pray about this any longer” – So what?
“Maybe I am going crazy” – So what?

So what? God is not in a hurry nor obligated to prove or explain Himself. God is secure and confident in His own Word and in the works of His hands. I am encouraged to hear of others who have waited for God’s Words to be fulfilled for decades. And He always comes through. God cannot lie. Nothing is impossible for God, except lying. It is impossible for God to lie. So what if time is going by? So what if there is no manifestation yet? So what? He is not shaken at all by my lack of patience. He sustains His own Word and will bring it to pass. And He sustains the universe and ME.


4 responses

  1. Just stay busy while you wait!

    1. Busy… Yes, Alan/Barney . It distracts me also from thinking too much.

  2. Reblogged this on travail2prevail and commented:
    God Is God,and never a man.Whatever God has said,He will surely bring to pass.Lets remember God’s time is always the best!!!

    1. True, true, true! Thank you for the encouragement

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