Beginner’s Guide To Hearing God

I opened my email today and found a book review on James Goll’s book: A Beginner’s Guide To Hearing God. I read the review and loved it because it is everything I believe and want to practice more and more in my own life, so I decided to copy and post the review here although I have not personally read the book (yet).


It is our birthright to have a real relationship with our God, and to be able to hear His voice.
God is searching for, waiting for, reaching out for us, whether we want Him to or not.
One of the main reasons Jesus came to Earth was to restore our communion with God.
The greatest key to hearing God’s voice is cultivating a love-based relationship with Him; and true love requires being together.
Goll quotes Mark Virkler, “The voice of God…is Spirit-to-spirit communication, the Holy Spirit speaking directly to my spirit.”
A good test of whether we have heard God is that He rarely asks us to do something that we can do in our own strength or by our own effort.
Holy Spirit is our lifelong personal tutor and shows us that God even likes us! The quality of the time we spend fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit has everything to do with hearing God’s voice.
God has LOTS of different ways of speaking to us as we see from OT and NT scripture – dream or vision, trance, angels, audible voice, written word, wonders in the sky and on Earth, internal witness, a knowing, a settling peace, serendipitous meetings, etc…
Dormant dreams become activated in a moment by the voice of God.
As full citizens and members of this royal priesthood of the Lord, we have the right to request, at any time, a personal audience with the Master of the Universe.
It takes practice and a willingness to risk. We grow in our ability to hear from God by being willing to mess up and to pull ourselves back up whenever we fall.
If we want to hear, we must listen. Speak a little less, and listen a whole lot more. Learning to hear God takes time and patience. If we don’t realize this we won’t set aside enough time to listen, to seek, or to inquire of Him.
If we want to move in the inspirational rhema element of the Word, we must store up [in ourselves] the logos content of the Word.
The inner attitude of our heart when we read the written Word is vital! It directly affects our ability to hear.
The approach to the scriptures that best helps us turn logos into rhema is the spiritual discipline of meditating on the Word of Life.
If I want to know the voice of Holy Spirit, I’ve got to spend some time with Him.
When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we have a divine guidance system as part of the package. True guidance involves getting closer to the Guide.
Community is super important. One of the most common ways the Lord speaks is through the members of the Body of Christ.
If we want to dissolve the hearing barriers in our heart and soul, we must ask the Holy Spirit to help us receive the gift of love that proceeds from our brothers and sisters. We will hear God’s voice for them and they will it hear for us. His voice is most fully audible when brothers and sisters in Christ love each other.
For those who find it hard to hear, Goll recommends spending LOTS of time simply worshiping God. Giant barriers fall before the transforming love of our Father.
Having a humble heart is of utmost importance if we want to receive divine guidance.
Satisfaction does not come as much through finishing a task as it does through increased intimacy with Him. He is our journey’s beginning – and it’s end.
Knowing God is what hearing God is ultimately all about.
I did read Goll’s book “The Seer” and enjoyed it. I wrote a review on it, together with My List Of Recommended Books



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