2 Sides

Today I am torn.
It is half time and it’s ‘make or break’.
On one side the Lord, my Coach, is loud about “Resting in Him”.
On the other side, the pressure of all I could lose in two weeks.

I ask…
“Does the Lord mean don’t bother”?
“Do I even understand Him when He says ‘Rest'”?
“Am I failing others by not leading by example if I don’t try harder”?
“Does He intend to do a last minute miracle if I try while I rest in Him”?

What if I push while “resting in Him”?
Does ‘resting in Him’ merely mean ‘trust’ while I give my best?
Or does ‘resting in Him’ mean don’t run ahead of Him, performing?
If it means ‘trusting’, not ‘performing’ and I push anyway, I may fail His test?

I’ve been around this block before, seems like too many times…
Why can’t I get it right?
In moments like this… I am afraid to get it wrong when I ask Him.
But either way… one thing is unshakable: HE IS FOR ME AND WITH ME.

Maybe this is why the Lord shared with me yesterday that Roses are Roses.

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7 responses

  1. Praying that the Prince of Peace will keep you in His perfect rest.

  2. See now Lisette you are worrying about it 🙂 ……. Just walk with Him in everything you do, washing up, studying, do what you have to do unless the Holy Spirit tells you other wise and you will know. Rest means trusting Him in everything …… Give everything you do even walking to the shops or driving ….. whatever you do just give to the LORD and trust and walk. You cannot do it my dear Lisette, you will not fail Him in any way. He’s just letting you know He has all of your life. Just be yourself, relax and do whatever you have to do. ‘Take my yoke upon you for I am humble and gentle and you will find rest for your souls’. This is something you cannot do Lisette only He will accomplish it. Just watch, wait and you will see how marvellous the LORD will show you His strength. You are always in my prayers dear sister. xx 🙂 xx

    1. You see? Hahah. Now I started worrying, afraid of getting it wrong. What can I say, my friend… You are right! It is the same conclusion I am living, but when I sit and think about the pressures… I fear all over again. Just slap me! Haha!

      1. lol! The LORD is smiling too my friend. He knows you so well. He will win and you will wonder how it happened. When I think of the stillness I am in Lisette I think ‘How did that happen?’. It did and I know it wasn’t me. 🙂 xx

  3. I can relate to this one too! I know its resting in Him doing things in His strength not my own and trusting Him for the right results, but still I slip into “works mode”. This problem is as old as Mary and martha.

    1. It is indeed as old as Mary and Martha. And it is a life long process of learning to rest also, I’d say. Currently I don’t know how exactly to kick things into gear without losing ‘rest’ mindset.

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