Roses Are Roses

This morning I was visiting with the Lord again, but this time I did not journal like I do normally. The 2 way converastion did not get typed up. I normally like to type it up as it is flowing because I can always re-read and remember later what He said. Since I didn’t this morning and still want to share, now I have to paraphrase and share the gist of it.

In a nutshell, the Lord was saying how roses are roses because He made them so. Roses don’t have to work at being roses. They don’t have to work to produce their fragrance. Or their color. He created them to be roses and so they are. Even if I go cut roses and put them in a vase, they are still roses. Even if I go transplant a rose bush, their flowers are still roses. Even if I killed off a rose bush, there are still other rose bushes elsewhere and it doesn’t make roses cease to exist. Even if a rose wilted and died, it is still called a rose. And that is because He made them roses and that is what they are. And the same with me. He made me and loves me and enjoys who I am because that is who He made me to be. I don’t have to strive to be whom He made me to be. I don’t have to accomplish great things to become whom He made me to be. Whether I live or die, I am whom He made me to be. And I can relax in that. He enjoys me like I enjoy roses and their frangrance. I can rest in that and don’t need to perform to become nor to be loved and enjoyed anymore by Him then what I am already.

I currently have a vase of roses on my glass table, they are starting to wilt and I was just thinking that it’s time to get rid of them, but even so, their frangrance is strong in the living room. Then the Lord used them to share truth with me today. I don’t know how long before performance will be broken off me.

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3 responses

  1. Your posts Lisette always strike such a chord in me so very deep. Yesterday I found myself sitting in silence after your post and not feeling guilty that I didn’t have a hundred things to say because I couldn’t think of anything. Today again a beautiful illustration of what is ….. is. Yes how long will I too let go of this performance thing. I love roses too and especially taking photos of dying roses because they still have a beauty about them. You always make me smile Lisette …. keep writing what your writing dear sister love it! ….. jacqui xx 🙂

    1. In that case, we make each other smile, Jacqui! I am glad we now don’t have to feel guilty when we are silent. I went through old journals yesterday and could’t believe how loud God had already spoken about some things. With the roses, I thought about what He said all evening, now I am wondering if there is a season of death coming and maybe He’s letting me know upfront that nothing will change in who He made me to be. That makes me sad to imagine such a season again, but I have to trust Him and the process. Sometimes we have to die twice in the same areas. Oh, my! Mercy!

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