Vision: African Warriors

Yesterday during worship time I had a vision. I saw 3 African warriors. Very distinct and clear. The pictures below is to show the kinds of shields I saw them carrying. As large as their bodies practically and wielding spears above their heads. Also I sensed they were female warriors and there were 3 of them if not mistaken. Not sure if females go to battle like this in the natural, but that is what I saw in the spirit. I sensed they were intense in their resolve. So, while worshipping I got into spiritual warfare myself and positioned myself like them warriors and interceded in the spirit.


2 responses

  1. Wow what a powerful vision!!! Women warriors envoke such a passion in my spirit, fire in my belly, and purpose to my thoughts. Thank you for sharing this, thinking of it raises my vibration. 😃

  2. You might like to read this:

    “Brian’s Dream about the United States and Africa”

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