Financial Surprises

Have you ever experienced money coming from no where? I am sure you have. But this one is unusual to me. I’ve heard of people receiving anonymous donations but never money in bank that isn’t supposed to be there.

Since June this year I have had several times now little amounts of money show up in my account that has no explanation. So, we all balance our check books and make sure it is all reconciled according to online banking, right? Do we make mistakes sometimes? I am sure we all have. Adding up wrong or forgot to deduct something we spent… But if I have made a mistake before I give it no rest. I go trace, recalculate until I find the mistake and fix it.

Well, these are not so…. I have my checkbook reconciled and then one day there is a little bit more in there then what should be in there. At first, I was ignoring them thinking if I forgot something and can’t figure it out, eventually it will get deducted online. The first time I waited like a month and ignored the “extra”. The difference was $50+ more. But after a month waiting the difference was now $70+. I wrecked my brain looking for a mistake on my part and waited some more. When I saw that there was nothing else coming out of my account I just decided to reconcile my checkbook according to the online banking and by then the increase was $80+. I prayed and thanked God and said “well, God is increasing my bank account”.

Shortly after that, other little increases. This time in cents. $0.05, then $0.80… I waited again and recalculated and ignored. Then I started thinking maybe God is having fun surprising me.

A few months later AGAIN… This time the difference was $25+. I ignored it, not wanting to reconcile my checkbook yet just in case. By the time I reconciled, the difference was $27+. I can’t figure it out!!! I retrace my expenses, recalculate, but the extra is still there!!

Last week was the most recent. $40+ extra. Well… I am used to it now and just receive it from the Lord. I reconcile my checkbook now and just say “Thank you Lord”. Trust me… I am very careful to track all expenses and deposits. There are no mistakes in my checkbook and the few times there has been, I find them. I believe God is having fun with financial increase. Even when the amounts are not in the hundreds. I receive them!

ADDED NOTE: About 5-7 days after posting this, my husband walks in with the mail and told me that we got a check for $120 reimbursement from some overpayment we made. Isn’t this amazing? Financial surprises!



12 responses

  1. Ah Lisette! Thank you for the like today on Shadows of Love. A very quick look at your blog gives me the idea that we have a number of things in common. My friends would love you! Bless you…

    1. Oh, haha. Send your friends my way… 🙂 I hope you can find more on my blog that blesses you. I will visit again.

  2. That’s great. I love all of the unique ways that God blessed his children.

    1. I know, right Emily?

  3. What a happy situation! Some angel is sneaking in bits and pieces when you’re not looking. Thanks for the spirit of your blog! Very You. Like your picture. So happy you left a like on ’rounding the bend.’ God doesn’t let us down–even though we sometimes miss the messages.
    Showers of blessings!

    1. Your welcome Elouise!! I had to smile on that angel part. Isn’t that something? May 2-3 more angels join in and sneak more in… Ha!

  4. Hi Lisette,
    I see that you “liked” my blog post about an anthology I am putting together on Dreams and Visions. I hope you will write something for it and submit it. I really like what I see here on your blog. You can include a link to your blog or other site too. Couldn’t find your email address so please advise via Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Sure, Mary… I love, love the subject of dreams and visions and you can tell, it’s all I blog about. I will choose one that is not too long send to you.

  5. This week I received one of these amazing blessings! We got a credit of $40 on our electricity bill for “no reason” – totally God’s hand! Thanks for sharing your story, what an inspiration of how God takes care of His children 🙂

    1. For no reason!! I love that!! Unexpected blessings… can’t get any better then that! Isn’t God so full of sense of humor and fun?

  6. Amen!! I love this. We serve an awesome God~~

  7. This is great. God will always provide 🙂

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