Vision: Big Tall Doors II

This vision started a few days ago and since in the past I have revisited a particular vision over and over and watch it evolve each time, this time I decided to revisit those Big Tall Doors into God’s presence that I saw 3-4 days ago. 2 days ago I wanted to enter again, I did and had another vision. But I thought to myself it was a short vision, even insignificant, so I didn’t share. But now it’s like 4 days later … I had another short vision, so I am going to share them anyway. Who knows… they may continue developing from here…

This one was from 2 days ago: I want to revisit that vision again where I enter the tall doors where smoke is billowing from underneath and between the doors. I open by faith. The doors do open and I go in. The glory clouds do surround me. But this time when I look behind me expecting the doors to have closed behind me like before, they are actually still open and the billowing smoke is escaping the room going outside like vapor streaming out. Then I realize that there are people coming into its direction, the people are lining up facing the Big Tall Doors and this ‘smoke, vapor, cloud’ moves towards them. That’s it. I didn’t hear anything or see anything else beyond that. What do you make of that?



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