Ripple Effect

In the last year or so I experience something weird that I don’t know what it is… I asked my husband and daughter if they experience the same thing, both said no. So I want to ask on here…

When I am about to wake up from my sleep, mostly when taking naps, I get this thing that starts rushing through my body. It’s like ripples. Best way to describe it. It starts like inside, maybe in my chest or belly (who knows)…. all I know is that it flows like ripple effect all the way into my limbs and all the way to my finger tips and my feet and the top of my head even. Very strong! Very strong. While I feel the ripples going though my whole being, I begin to become very alert. Very awake. And it only takes like 2-3 seconds. I am as alert as can be even if I lay there still with my eyes closed. Sometimes I am not ready to get up yet, I may doze off and sleep a little bit longer and there it comes again… a second time!! Then I just go… “ok, I better get up now”. This happens like maybe once a week or so. What is that????? Those ripples. Doesn’t quite feel like electricity because I don’t like the feeling of being electrecuted. But a rush through my whole body. Is this a medical thing or is it a spiritual thing? Hmmm. Who knows. But only as of recent, like in the last year or so.



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  1. Lisette> There is a whole lot of shaking and quaking going on around the world, and I do understand what you are experiencing. Most of us know that a tsunami usually starts with an underwater earthquake or tremor that creates a ripple on the surface of the ocean or body of water. From a ripple it becomes a wave. From a wave it becomes a ground swell. From a ground swell it becomes a huge wave. From a huge wave it becomes a tsunami. However, you can also drop a pebble in a pond and create a ripple effect that spreads our from the epi-center to the outer perimeters of the pond.

    Note: I believe that Holy Spirit is dropping a pebble in the pond of your body in order to get your attention. He is also letting you know that everything we say and do has a ripple effect. We need to carefully guard our hearts and minds and only say what we hear the Father saying, and only do what we see the Father doing, lest our words and actions become a tsunami bringing destruction.

    Note: He has a lot to say to us and though us; but sometimes need time to process what it is He is saying not based on what we know and understand at the time. Dreams, Visions and Images can mean different things to different people. It depends on where they are in the process of enlightenment, illumination and ascension.

    1. BLH, i really enjoyed your perspective. Especially the tsunami. Wow… Tsunami of destruction is also posible when not careful. Yikes. Thank you for sharing rich thoughts.

      Many of my dreams and visions I think I understand and then later I wonder if i did understand. Pfff.

      1. Lisette> Thanks! I hope that it will help both of us in the days ahead. I know that we are going to need it. Please feel free to share your heart and compare notes with me. I need to hear from others what the Spirit is saying to them in this season. Blessings!

      2. Lisette> This is another blog that you may find interesting.

  2. Yes, so glad to have found your lovely blog! I can’t say I’ve experienced this.. But I’ll try to pay attention over the next week or so. My guess too would be that The Lord is trying to tell you something πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t know what that ‘something’ is yet, lightthelie, but I may know down the road. This morning I experienced it again twice. I really wanted to sleep in, but I was so alert after those ripple effects… I am believing now that it is an annointing for what is coming up. Do you think?

      1. I really have no idea. I would continue to ask Him what it means. Since He is really the only one with your answer πŸ™‚ so interesting though! If you find an answer let us know! Praying for you tonight for clarity πŸ™‚

      2. Awe! How sweet that you will pray for clarity! I am going to ask Him in my journaling time. So sweet. Thank you!

      3. It is my pleasure to pray for you!!! Our God is amazing. Truly amazing. πŸ™‚

  3. Not discounting it could be spiritual, but it almost sounds like heart palpitations if you wanted to be aware of that.

    1. Really? I could ask my Dr. Do you have heart palpitations? Do you feel the same sensation?

      1. I have had them in the past when I was getting too much thyroid medication.

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