I Believe In Angels

Last year my daughter and I went out of town. When in a new city, you don’t know the roads like the locals do. I especially am nervous of turning on a one way street at night, going against traffic for example. That happened once before.

This one time it was during the day and we were leaving a shopping center, needing to turn right onto the busy road. I don’t know why I assumed there was a shoulder between parking lot and the flow of coming traffic but there was none and I fully intended to pull a bit further out before a complete stop to better see oncoming traffic. Well, my car came to full stop before I meant to, I have to say supernaturally, as within seconds a car passed in front of us going at about 40-50 MPH. I just sat there baffled realizing that I would have been in its path and it would have hit my side of the car at that speed. I believe angels stopped my car when I really meant to pull out a bit more thinking there was a shoulder. Thank you Jesus for considering my daughter’s and my life precious in your eyes.


4 responses

  1. Hey sis did u get mad and unsubscribe me? Lol

    Worldhops Inc. James Crawford http://www.world-hops.com

    1. Heeeeeeeeey maaaaaan!!!! You made me smile!!!! On here??? I dont see you ever on here!!! Where are you?? You dont post blogs!! (And I hardly come read blogs) hugs to you and Missyyyyy.

  2. Wonderful reading and encouragement God bless

    1. Thank you so much. 🙂 hopefully you find more encouraging reads. 🙂

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