Vision: Flowers and Oranges

I had a vision in the night about 3 days ago. I love seeing visions while asleep. It is very distinct because while you are actually asleep, it’s like you become very aware, you can think and process what you are seeing while you remain asleep.

So, I saw a whole bunch of flowers and also oranges before me as if on a screen. And they were grouping together forming shapes. I kept looking and looking to see if I’d recognize shapes. But I couldn’t. They just kept floating and forming one shape after another in one corner of the ‘screen’ if you will, then float away and go form another shape in another corner. Then… suddenly I recognized the shape of the American flag. And I exclaimed…”I recognize that shape”, even though some details were missing from the flag but I assume it’s because it was all flowers and oranges forming the shape of the flag. I don’t think I saw stars on the flag for example to mention one missing detail. But I just knew it was the American Flag. And then after watching a few more unrecognized shapes… the vision ended.

I pondered for couple days. I looked up ‘oranges’ and ‘flowers’ in a dream book, what they symbolize. But I am not sure if this vision pertained to me personally or if it contained a message for America? Still not sure. Still today I am wondering what it meant. Any dream interpreters out there?



4 responses

  1. If Israel was the land of milk and honey, maybe the United States is the land of flowers and oranges.

    Or . . .flowers come into bloom in the spring, oranges are fully formed later on in the summer (I think). So maybe something very significant (something positive) will happen in the United States between spring and summer 2015. Flowers and oranges are something positive.

    1. Yes, I agree… They are both something positive. I thought at first it was pertaining to me personally, but maybe it isn’t.

  2. Hi Lisette,

    To me, orange blossoms represent a bride on her wedding day. shows how prominent this was during the course of history. It was quite prevalent with brides in the first 175 years of our nations history as well. (Most of my aunts had them in their hair when they got married, and some of those aunts are still alive today.) And of course, the full fruit to me has the meaning of ‘being ripe for the picking’. I do find it interesting, that the orange tree can have both the flowers and the ripe orange on its stems at the same time. Do you sense this is a dream for America? (Because of the American flag in the dream.)

    Are you planning to get married any time soon? 🙂

    1. Hey, Dreams….Well… No wedding for me anytime soon, lol. Been happily married for 21 years now. I loooved the question, haha. I am not sure if the dream is for America even… I thought it was personal at first.

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