Vision: Buldog Head…, Furr Coat.

Some time ago I was between sleep and awake state early in the morning. I can’t even point the sections when I was awake or asleep. It all was woven into each other. I was pondering, praying and discussing my heart with the Lord but at the same time I was sleeping through parts of it. I was bringing up issues in my heart that were scars from my childhood. Because of how my spirit reacted towards some hurts, it had caused me to become self protective. (which is a false protection. God is our True Protector).

Not sure if asleep or awake, but it seemed like a vision. I saw a being dressed in a black furr coat. But the head looked like a dog head. Maybe a bulldog? And the furr coat went down to the floor. The lenght of the coat seemed longer then the hight of the being. The head kept rising and the coat going up with it from the ground like something growing out of the ground maybe? The chest seemed to stick out as in over-confidence. When I thought about the furr and zoomed in to see it, it dawned on me that it might not be furr, but spikes. Many of them, so close together that from a distance it seemed like furr. Maybe for self protection against anything that could hurt it.

I pondered that vision when I woke up. Was it God showing me that a spirit of false self protection had attatched itself to me out of those childhood experiences? If so, then I prayed for God to heal those unhealed areas of my heart and broke agreement with the lie that I have to protect myself. God is my True protector.


7 responses

  1. God is indeed our real protector! He’s also the strength of our heart. Pasa un felis dia!

    1. Pasa un dushi dia bo tambe. Brasa. Danki pe enkurashamentu.

  2. Sounds like you might be dealing with a spirit of rejection. Pray about it and see what the Lord tells you..

    1. Not impossible. Rejection has been part of my childhood. I am aware indeed that my spirit has reacted to rejection. In this vision I undersdood precisely how my spirit has reacted. So I broke agreement with that response and continue to do so and I feel different. I pray I continue to submit to Lord in this area.

      1. Having experienced a lot of rejection in my childhood as well, I keep my heart before the Lord as best I can. If you have read some of the dreams I’ve had on forgiveness you will see that the Lord is dealing with me on this. I don’t want to leave this earth with unforgiveness in my heart

      2. Lisette Defoe

        Oooh, what a tragedy for us to reach there unhealed since we had the opportunity here. I know He will complete the work because we are WILLING.

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