Exercise: What do you want to give me?

I love quiet times with the Lord and I know you do too, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading a blog about spending time with the Lord.
It doesn’t matter if journaling or entering visions is a daily habit for you or if you are brand new to the subject. There is always room for growth.

Today I wanted to encourage you to spend some quiet time with the Lord, keeping in mind that the time of the day is not important nor the length of time spent. Just take the time alone with Him to quietly listen. There is a time to do the talking, there is a time to do the listening. And now it is time to listen to Him.

Today, wether by journaling or by entering vision, ask the Lord: “Jesus, what would you like to give me today?”
Either write down the sentences that come to your mind through the Holy Spirit or allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through mental pictures. These are visions. They can be still pictures or flowing like a scene. Those who come to Him must come to Him in faith, believing that He speaks and that He is. We can’t please God without faith. Have a wonderful quiet time and enjoy what He is giving you today because it will bring you joy. And if you are bold, please feel free to share in comment what He gave you during this time.



2 responses

  1. Loving these tidbits you are sharing with us Lisette! Dankie! šŸ™‚

    1. geen dank, kingintraining. I was praying this morning, thanking God for how real and personal He is and that I want to scream it from the mountain tops for all to know how real He speaks. I prayed for these posts and exercises to be a blessing to those who read and that they would experience something new no matter where they are at in their walk. I wish to hear if it is flowing for you when you do these exercises. Hugs to you!!! All the way to South Africaaaaaaa!!!!

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