Exercise: Journaling

In the Merriam Webster dictionary, exercise is defined: something performed or practiced in order to develop, improve, or display a specific capability or skill.

We are capable of hearing God’s voice through the Holy Spirit, at all times, just like we hear others audibly. Yes, some hear God audibly too at times. But no matter how frequent or infrequent or even if you have never heard Him before… there is always room for growth. But you don’t get better at playing the piano if you never exercise doing it. Or if you practice only once a month.

So, how about we do an exercise today? Let’s journal. (If you don’t have a journal, make it a priority to get one or just use loose papers for now).
* Find a quiet place somewhere. I love my couch but outdoors is great too.
* It is great to start by reading a portion of Scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to minister to you.
* Pray a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to speak to you now and to help you trust it is Him speaking to your heart (the words will come as if they are your own thoughts, but they may be completely Him) and trust that if you ask Him to speak, He will do so.
* Once relaxed and you sense His presence, ask this question today… “LORD, HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT ME?” Just that for right now. He has lots to say it will amaze you. It will free you once you know how He feels about you. If this is new to you, (how exciting!) Don’t question what comes to mind, let the words flow and write them down. Re-read when done and ask someone to test it if it truly is God. Your reason will start fighting and you may soon doubt it is God. But with practice, by exercising often, you will become more confident. Practice is key. If you already journal, sometimes these basic or simple questions are also great for starting a wonderful journaling time and you can keep flowing into more conversation. I love the Lord, He is so personable.

Some pointers:
God will never contradict His own Word. You will never hear God say “You make me sick” or such.
When the Holy Spirit speaks, it ministers deeply to you. It lifts you. He never condemns. Enjoy this intimate moment with Him.
Please share in comment if you had a wonderful time with the Lord today (even if you don’t want to share the content of what He said).

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7 responses

  1. is that a picture of your outdoors where you can spend time with God? beautiful. I live on a main street.

    1. This is a friends’ back yard. I loved her yard so much I took pix.

  2. I LOVE this post Lisette! I often wonder how Jesus feels about me but never had the guts to ask! hehe! I’m gonna try this out…

    1. AAAAwwweeeee. Isn’t that something? And to know that He’s been so desiring to tell you how sweet He feels about you but you haven’t asked yet. I so wish I could read what He told you. But even if you don’t dare to post, I wanted to so encourage you to ask Him…

      1. I will…when He tells me I’ll tell ya 😉

      2. Baye goed! Hij is lief vier jou! Haha.

      3. Probably written wrong! But you can correct me. 😆

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