“The Lord Is Indulging Himself…”

You should listen to the full CD of “Favor of the Lord: A Prophetic soaking experience by Graham Cooke. (Found on Spotify for example) But this ministered so deeply to me I just typed up highlights. It is like 75 minutes long of soaking in a prophetic session. Enjoy…

“Rapid growth becomes the norm for you in this season of acceleration. You have special consideration for My intentional desire to take place. Look to Me. I have given you permission to dream and to make requests. Favor is being now actively promoted by the Holy Spirit in your life. Favor is permission to ask, to seek, to knock in the sure and certain knowledge that I will say ‘YES’ to you. For everything in Christ Jesus is yes in My heart. Make request in such a way that you will hear ‘yes’.

I will develop in you the capacity to receive favor from the people around you. I want you to have dreams of how I see you. That you will want what I want for you. You’ll feel the joy in it.

I am intentional, says the Lord. I will intensify My intentionality in your life. What if the only way to live before Me is to inhabit a place of dreaming? Logic can not cause you to inherit. You inherit through your dreams. I have come to birth a dream in you and then to fulfill that dream through My own heart and intentionality. I will give you the discipline of working hand in hand with the Holy Spirit.

Simple childlike faith that says ‘my Father says it, I believe it, that settles it”. I believe! And you will be found saying in these days: “Lord, I don’t understand how things will work out but I trust Your heart for me”. The time of your poverty is over. The place of fainting is behind you. Now you will see provision beyond imagining. Now you will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Stand in this place and look to Me! Would you do Me the honor of enjoying the journey? Don’t get so hung up on the destination that you forget to travel in joy and peace and laughter and plenty. Stand in this place. Recognize that the place of your dreaming is also the place of your permission because I am indulging myself. I am doing things in your life that please Me and make Me happy.

Come rest in My favor, don’t delay. Say ‘yes, Lord, I am resting, I am sitting in heavenly places’.
So, My beautiful one, I say ‘yes and amen’ to you. I say ‘YES and AMEN’ to you. I will deny you nothing what My great heart willingly bestows. You are the one. Expect My favor.

I will take your breath away and you will be astonished and amazed. Full of wonder. Oh, that you would expect favor. Receive the upgrade in your heart. Measure no longer exist for you. Limitations have been cast aside. Begin to run and I I will make you fit for life. I will give you the stamina required to run with a quickened spirit. What does all this mean beloved? It means that all your circumstances are now compatible with My desire. Look for My desire to be fulfilled. All situations are in agreement with My favor and indulgence so ask and you will definitely receive. Take Me at My word because My desire is knocking at the door of your heart.

This is a new day, don’t look at past failures. Its a new time. Its a time to live overwhelmed and increase the speed of your ‘yes’. Say ‘yes’ and come. It’s no risk to you if you come. there is only risk in your deliberation. Understand this, My darling, this is not about you, it’s about Me pleasing myself in your life, its about My longing for you. Its about Me indulging Myself. I will bless your name and make your name great. Come to a higher place. I will lift you up. A place of elevation. You will say to yourself and to your friends: “Somebody pinch me, I think I must be dreaming. Can it be this wonderful?”

Beloved, do not say “its too much”, do not say “I can not enter in” , do not say “its moving too fast”. You enter by My permission not your performance. Look to Me and I will accelerate you. Make Me the Lord and I will get you there. Its the same miracle as the parting of the red sea, its the same miracle as receiving houses that you did not build, vineyards that you did not plant, wells you did not dig… its the same miracle. All these things I did for Israel. Shall I not do more for you who are in Christ? Walk towards Me receiving. Behold I challenge your believing. I provoke your heart to dreaming.

Come with Me to the land of the spirit. Where promises are the language of love between us. This is the day of the Lord. Now is the acceptable time. Your present future has been determined in My heart and in My permission”.

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