Vision: Sermon on the Mount

A few years back I was praying one day that the Lord would speak to me and I wanted to enter vision. I was reading Matthew 5 – The sermon on the mount. I asked Him what it would be like to sit and listen to Him speak to a crowd.

I entered vision and saw that I was at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii, where we lived for a few years. There is this pavilion where we always gathered for worship, for lectures and the like. In the vision I saw Jesus sitting on the stage on a stool and the whole pavilion was filled with people. I was way in the back sitting in the sun, there were no more seats under the pavilion. Under the pavilion I saw someone raise their hands as to ask Jesus a question. Then unexplainably, I saw that I started moving through the crowd going from the back all the way to the front as if I was moving through the air. I wasn’t walking, just transported from the back all the way to the front row, right in front of Jesus. I could see His sandals. I was surprised to find myself right in front of Him so I looked back and saw all the people sitting behind me all the way to the back. I saw another person raise their hands to ask a question. (I couldn’t hear either time what they asked or what Jesus responded). When He was done answering that question, Jesus looked straight at me in the eyes and told me: “What do YOU want to ask me? You can ask me anything you want” I thought deep for a moment and then stated my question. He responded and I wrote it all out in my journal. Jesus is so personal and real. He always meets us in a personal way. I love Him.



6 responses

  1. Awesome post Lisette, I’d love to know what you asked Jesus if you feel so inclined to share.

    1. With you and Debbie I can share yes! I would send email… IPad is downstairs though… In bed already. Ask me tomorrow? I know i will forget.

  2. Wow that is fantastic!!

    1. I love, love that new Logo of yours, KIngintraining!

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