Vision: Jesus at the Wedding

I had this vision back in July as I was reading scripture. I remembered it today as I was reading the same passage this morning where Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding in Cana…

“What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him”. (John 2:11 NIV)

I started watching into the vision and here I copy and paste what I saw that day… “I see we are at a wedding. It is like we are on a patio nicely decorated. I see the lights decorating the ceiling. It is night time and the city lights are in the distance. I see all the tables and I sense people are sitting at the tables although I don’t see them. I do see inside the ballroom though, the bride and groom are dancing and having a good time. The guests are sitting outside the ballroom on this beautiful patio. But for a while looking into the vision, I can’t see where I am sitting nor where Jesus is sitting. I scan the area for a while and get nothing. I keep going in and out of vision as I can’t seem to find flow… (maybe because I am distracted by my own thoughts) But later I see Jesus and His disciples entering the patio where the tables are set up. I don’t want to rush up to Him because it almost is like a Star walked in and his guards are with him and I don’t want to bother him. As I continued waiting and watching into the vision, I realize I am sitting at the end of one of the tables, by the wall. I see that the disciples spread out and go their own ways, possibly to eat or drink or dance? Jesus is left to Himself and He walks in my direction, towards the wall to stand there. Here is my opportunity to go talk to Him and yet I hesitate. But He Himself sees me and walks over to me and asks me for a dance! That was very shocking as I didn’t expect Him to even pay attention to me and now He asks me for a dance!! I gladly go dance with Him. This is my moment with Him. I don’t want the song to end because I want time with Him. I start off by telling Him that my heart is heavy… We talk for a while and He takes me back to some past disappointments. After we talk for a while I ask Him: “What do You want to say, Jesus? What sign or wonder can You do for me here, where You turned water into wine before? What miracle can You do for me here tonight? Obviously I don’t want to have a heavy heart”.

In the vision my heart sensed He responded to me…
“Let Me dance with you. This is why I came. I heal you as I dance with you. Focus on our dance. That is all. I dance to your healing. My dance heals you. Just dance with Me. Trust Me to heal you as we dance. This is My miracle for you. This is the purpose I came here tonight. You are the bride tonight. You are the star of the evening. My attention is on YOU. So, dance with Me”. And the vision ended…

My heart feels so warm inside as I share this. What a sweet Jesus we have! What full of compassion and love. I just want to stay in His embrace. I trust this was a blessing to you also, to know that He looks into your eyes too and desires to dance with you in the midst of your personal situation.


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  1. Bless You Lisette for blessing others..

    1. I am so happy with your visit, Deb… Be sure to sign up for automatic email delivery. You can do so on the main page on the right hand side by scrolling down. Hugs to you!

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