Entering Sleep Stage

As of recent, when I am dozing off into sleep, I get pictures as I enter the dream stage. Some are still pictures, some flowing visions, very brief yet sharp in clarity. When they catch my attention I wake up, think about the picture I saw for just seconds then doze off again. This may happen 4-10 times within 3-5 minutes until the flow stops and I am sound asleep. I am noticing this more and more lately. Since I have become aware of this new way God gives me vision, I have started paying attention to what I see when I enter this dream stage. There are times I hear full sentences also in my spirit. I pray into them, asking God for their interpretation and fall asleep again. I used to wait till morning to write out what I saw or heard so I can pray more in depth, but alas… by morning you may not remember all of them anymore. So, now I sleep with my iPad right there in front of me and every time I wake up after getting downloads, I type them up quickly, a whole string of them and doze off again between each until the flow of visions stop and then I close the iPad and sleep the rest of the night. This way by morning I can fill them in and pray for interpretation and journal about them. This is a very exciting new way to receive visions and it is automatic, I don’t have to sit for a long time silencing my distracted mind before I can start seeing visions.

I am currently reading James W. Goll’s book “The Seer” and it has helped me a lot to understand my prophetic gifting. There are so many variations of the prophetic but all come from the same Spirit. I am very relieved that this book is clearing up some confusions I have had so that I can be more open to receive what God wants to communicate with me through dreams and visions.

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