Flying on I-75 With Angels

What a story I have to share today about God’s supernatural intervention. We had been praying for a while now that we would walk in that supernatural realm, experiencing His provision, favor, miracles and all manifestations of His glory realm.

Our oldest left today for her training to become a full time missionary with Youth With A Mission. She was all packed for the last two days and all was right on schedule. It takes 45 minutes to drive from our home to the airport in Flint. When we got there and ready for her to check her baggage, she was asked for her ID, which to our dismay, she realized is not on her and she had no idea where was since she last remembered going to the bank the previous day and having to use it to withdraw cash, but could not recall what she did with it after. They asked for any other photo ID such as passport (hers is still in the process of being renewed and did not get here in time, so we will mail it to her to Hawaii). She did not have a school photo ID on her. They said she could use her birth certificate or SS card, both of which we had at home as those are never carried with you for no reason. Needless to say she was about to start crying realizing that this could mean missing her flight if we needed to run back home to get any of these or look for her drivers’ license. The airline worker told us we would not make it in time to go home and come back before boarding time. It would have costed an arm and a leg also to change her flights. The dilemma of this reality hit her.

We decided to tell her to calm down and lets pray as panic would not get us anywhere. We started interceding for an intervention as she handed me her boarding passes for all 3 flights and her money purse with all her cash so she could go through her backpack one more time just in case to see if maybe, just maybe, her drivers’ license might still have been slipped in there without her remembering doing so. Then I realized that the longer we stood around, the shorter the window of time was getting. We had only one hour before boarding time and it takes 45 minutes to drive home, 45 to drive back. I told them to intercede on my behalf, we need an intervention, pray for my safety as I have never raced over speed limit before, at least not more then 5 miles over speed limit which is 70 on highway. I jumped into the old car and was on my way!

I have a fear of high speed. There are often police on the road ready to bust speeders. On I75 it is common for deer to cross the roads. It had rained the night before, so the roads were very wet. There was fog in parts. Tom’s car is older and hardly gets outside of city limits ever so not a car to put through a lot. With all of these I had 1 HOUR! All I can say is that my legs were shaking from the adrenaline. I was praying hard the whole time knowing that 2 things could go very wrong… The police could stop me and I’d get a very high ticket as I was traveling at 85-90 MPH for the first time in my life and not to mention that we realized I had left in a hurry with Shawna’s boarding passes and all her cash still in my possession! Talk about all things going wrong! Worst case scenario I could have had an accident and died on impact with that speed I was going at. Tom and girls prayed hard for the angels to carry my car home and back. And so they did! I interceded that His glory would go before me and come after me and reminded Him He caused time to stand still before when the sun stood still.

When I got home, raced inside to get her SS card and birth certificate. She asked me over the phone to check the trash cans. Lo and behold I discovered her drivers’ license in the bank envelope inside the trash can! She had taken the cash out of the envelope the day before, not realizing her ID was still in it and chucked it! (It had been a mentally overwhelming last-day. She is very responsible and mature and has never done such things). I want to report that I safely got back to the airport within 1 HOUR, what should have taken at least hour and a half on the road plus the time running inside to grab things and search 2 trash cans AND also make a quick stop to adjust the back window that had dropped open on the highway. (Yay for old cars!) May I add that whereas they told us earlier that she could not check in her bags without having an ID, just 15 minutes out, Shawna calls me to report that miraculously on second try they allowed Tom to check in both her luggage all the way to Hawaii without her ID on her yet since I was still on the way! She was all set, just needed me to get there, hand her her ID, boarding passes and her cash….. We had just enough time to squeeze her, affirm and tell her how much we love her and are excited for and proud of her. There are no time for tears under such conditions, we were all still very much so in awe at what had just transpired that early morning. Then she rushed through security check point and ran to her gate and got there with time to spare before boarding. Oh, my goodness, I don’t think writing about it does the experience any justice. No one can convince us we did not experience a supernatural intervention from God considering all the conditions described above. Tom even asked me if the car was shaking on the highway. Not an issue at all with the car, but my legs were! I never again want to speed like that!!! It was not fun to do what I highly fear, not to mention the danger, but we know angels carried me beyond my natural speed. All day, rethinking it all, my legs still felt like noodles. It took all of us to be brave together and believe for God’s intervention.

May we continue to sustain God’s supernatural interventions as we look for them in every opportunity. And may Shawna, despite this crazy experience, see all kinds of amazing God stories in her life in the years to come. At 2 am the call came in, she had landed safely. We were on the phone with her as she was unboarding and taking in the awe of having finally arrived where she feels is her home. She was almost in tears with overwhelming joy. It felt like we were right there with her where we all once lived. And then she texted to say all her luggage was there safely too and her childhood friend was there to pick her up. Praise the LORD!


13 responses

  1. way to go maria Andretti! thank You Lord, You’re awesome!

    1. Hahah. Who is maria? Gotta google her now.

  2. Sheloutska Martinus | Reply

    Lisette, ki emoshon pa lesa boso eksperensia!
    Dios sigui proteha boso famia i ku e tempu di Shawna na Hawai lo ta unu super speshal i ku e lo tin hopi aventura ku Dios. Mi orashon na papa Dios ta ku un dia mi yunan Elisa i Deeniah tambe lo ta den mishon.

    1. Mi ta para kubo den Nomber di Hesus pa e jamado riba bidanan di Elisa y Deeniah! Dios ta bai kontesta nos petishon. Mi ta kere di kurason ku ta Dios mes ta pone Su deseonan riba nos kurason, Luka. Y pesey bo tin e deseo. Bai pe! Dirigi nan interes suavemente den e direkshon ey.

  3. Wow, That`s quite a story Lisette!! I`m proud of you… what you did was very brave!And yes.. God Is watching over you! 🙂

    1. Ju, Nadjeska…. Inolvidabel!

  4. No weapon formed against the LORD Jesus Christ’s people will prosper. No weapon formed against our destiny will prosper either! I am encouraged by this testimony.

    Pastor Steve

    1. We are toooo, haha. We love God stories and look forward to more. Wanting to learn to live in that supernatural realm. Encourage us too with more stories.

      1. Follow me on I have followed you. Does your husband have a blog?

      2. Lisette Defoe

        No, Steve, he doesn’t. Only Shawna and I. Yes, I will follow.

  5. Wow thats great, I can believe it! Have you seen people on Sid Roth’s show talking how God has helped them get miraculously from one place to the next via teletransporting? What should have taken 8 hours took 1 or 2!

    1. That’s amazing Kingintraining! I watch his show sometimes yes. But haven’t heard one on tele transporting. But what came to mind instantly when Shawna said she had no ID, was Randy Demain’s story he told on Sid Roth how he lost his boarding pass in some foreign 3rd world nation and how there was no way he could purchase a new ticket and how an angel walked up to him at the airport and gave him a brand new boarding pass!! That was my prayer, that God would send an angel but instead of one walking up to us, He sent angels to get me home and back safely! I receive that too, haha

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