Dream: Filthy Streets

I had a dream this morning. I haven’t had any prophetic dreams in a while now.
But in this dream I was walking on the streets and everywhere you walked you were stepping over extreme filth. It was a horrible and disgusting sight. There were flies all over, you felt like all that you were stepping over was sticking to your shoes and clothes and it was horrible. It seems like all of that was coming from the sewer out of the homes: combination of rotten food leftovers, dead animal remains, feces, trash and all sort of disgustingness. I remember thinking to myself “why has this country become like this?? This does not look like the America I know. It never used to be so trashy!!” and I remember feeling so appalled, disgusted and horrified.

Then I went to visit a male dorm on a campus and I recognized at least 2 or maybe 3 of the guys. They are believers too and in my dream they were also complaining that these dorms were so filthy it was unbearable. I offered to help them clean their bathroom and one of them joined with me, we were using disinfectants and we were spraying so much because even the shelves were so disgusting with traces of feces and urine. But I saw that we pulled everything out of the bathroom leaving bare floors, shelves and counters just to do a deep cleaning.

Then I had to clean another female bathroom also after an elderly lady who was put under my supervision, it seemed. Every time she went to the bathroom I had to clean after her as she was too old to be sanitary. The toilet would be left un flushed, seat would be left full of traces of feces and so on.
I need to take a shower just thinking about this dream!!!



6 responses

  1. The United States has turned into a Satanic garbage dump in the past few decades–and especially in the past few years.

    “This is a PERVERSE Generation!”

  2. I imagine that Sodom and Gomorrah looked a lot like the United States does today before the Lord destroyed it.

    “This is Sodom! This is Sodom!”

  3. Very similar to a vision/dream that I had you commented on Lisette.

    This began as a vision on 03/26/2013 and continued to stay with me as I slept. What I saw was a waste receptacle. The kind you see on the city streets that you can see through. What I saw was the 10 commandments in this trash can. Which explains what I saw prior to that which was a land strewn with garbage. I would have thought that I was looking at a land fill but it was much larger than a land fill. I saw nothing but garbage as far as my eyes could see. I saw no people, only scavenger birds and flies. When I asked the Lord what I was looking at He said that it was America without Him.
    Remember this?

    1. Oh, wow, Tony. I did not remember at all. Now that I read it I vaguely remember. I wonder what I commented then. The dream is indeed the same meaning. Same feel. Disgusting was the feel to see it all.

      1. It was my post entitled, “This is America?”

      2. Yes, i went to search earlier and found it. “America The Beautiful”.

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