Past Personal Angelic Encounters

In college I was so on fire for God, I used to have times of worship and scripture reading and focusing on hearing God’s voice. I’d climb on my roof to sit alone with Him. On one occasion I needed answers from God as I was praying about who would be my right life partner. I sat with my Bible open, praying, asking God to please speak to me. Looking back, I now realize the Lord must have sent an angel at that moment. Although I could not see him, I could feel the breeze that kept turning the Bible pages and it would fall on exact pages where I’d read and find His answer about my future husband. The pages kept turning and turning without me touching them until I was done reading all the scriptures on several pages where He wanted to speak to me that day. By the time the pages were done turning, I had all the confirmations I needed to hear that God was bringing Tom to be my husband.

Another time in college I prayed one night that the Lord would wake me up by 5am so that I could have enough time to worship and pray before heading to school. For some reason I must have had a busy day that I wanted to get up so early for my prayer time. I hate waking up that early so I earnestly prayed the Holy Spirit would wake me up. At 5am a loud knock came on my door. It woke me up. I thought it was my room mate knocking but at the same time I thought that would be weird because she never woke me up before for school and neither did I ask her to do so that early morning. But the Spirit let me know it was an angel that He sent to wake me up just like I asked. My morning was filled with joy knowing an angel came to knock on my door to wake me up.

One time when we were missionaries in Costa Rica, we were in church during praise and worship. I was up front dancing before the Lord and suddenly I started sprinting in the spirit in a small tight circle. This is something that is impossible to do humanly speaking. I was sprinting! In a tight circle! Looking back I realize and angel must have grabbed my arm and spinning in one place he must have been swinging me around and around real fast. All I know is that I was screaming, freaking out wondering what in the world is going on and I could not stop it for the life of me! I am sure that was a sight! After a little bit I was slain in the spirit and I was fine but real surprised at what had just happened.

I was part of a women’s prayer and Bible study group at my mother-in-law’s house a few years back. There are angels in her living room all the time and some of the women can see them with their physical eyes. Up to this point I have never seen them. But at the time I learned how to feel their presence on my skin. So I’d stick my hand out and slowly walk through the room until I could feel heat on my hand. Once past the angel the heat would also be gone. And I’d do it several times to feel the places where angels were standing. I’d first go in the corner where others were always seeing an angel. Sometimes they’d be holding a scroll and so on. And then we’d go back to our time of worshipping the Lord and prayer and study time.

Another time, about 2-3 years ago I was ministering in the healing rooms. We were all praying over each other before we see the sick people who were there to be prayed over. As I sat down, still meditating on the Lord, suddenly my right hand started turning all by itself in slow motion. But in a way that I could not do it on my own even if I tried! I knew there was an angel there turning my hand. There was no pain and it was turning so far that my thumb was touching my wrist! To do this myself I’d have to push my thumb into my wrist and it would hurt too. But this kept going and going for well over 3-5 minutes. I was just sitting there meditating on the Lord, feeling His presence. It was fun. I even told a friend standing next to me to check out what my hand is doing and that an angel must be standing before me. I couldn’t see it though.

Just last month in May my husband was working outside in the yard. Suddenly I hear him come inside and he told me that he was going upstairs to double check if there is anyone in the neighbor’s backyard. When he saw through the window that there was no one there in the neighbor’s yard, he told me that he saw a very tall being dressed in purple walk by our back fence. He said he figured it was an angel because it disappeared, but he just wanted to make sure it wasn’t someone next door. (funny because even if it was the neighbor, it would not be as tall as he was describing). A bit later he came inside for a drink and again saw an angelic being walk past the kitchen window. I was there with him but by the time I turned to look there was no one. We had been praying for open heavens in our home and on our property.

Note: The Bible is FULL of angelic activity and visitations, for those who would quickly conclude this is not possible or that it is demonic. Just open a concordance and read each verse where an angel is mentioned. We are never to worship angels nor make them our focus. We are after the Lord. They are ministering spirits who are sent by God to war on our behalf, protect, bring messages, strengthen, etc. Angelic activity is as real as our own activities. Some see them and others like me, we just need to pray God opens our eyes to see them like Elisha prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant to see that those with them were more then the enemy coming against them. I’ve only seen angles in visions so far. I invite God’s angels to worship the Lord together with us in our home.

If you’ve had angelic encounters, feel free to share below. The Bible says some have entertained angels without knowing. I know of many stories of people who have had strangers come help them then disappear. The books in my reading list are also filled with stories of angelic encounters.

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  1. Here is an angel story that happened to me back in the 1990s:

    “Hitchhiking in Nebraska”

    1. I loved it, Tim, and I commented there also.

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