My List Of Recommended Books

For those who have wondered how I have grown to love the prophetic and the supernatural since this is all I blog about… First God opens your eyes to His Word, gives you the desire and hunger to develop your gifts and then you can grow from there. These are the books that most have changed my life, have molded my faith and have opened my eyes to the things of God. They are all so salty they have created much thirst in me!
They are posted in order of when I read each book.

1. The Bible.
I started reading the Bible when I was 13 when I came to the Lord.

2. Communion With God by Mark and Patti Virkler
I read this book in 2001 or 2002 and it has changed my relationship with God completely, teaching me to hear God for myself and journal and how to enter vision. This is what my blog is about. I blog about conversations I have had with the Lord and things He has shown me through dreams and visions. I have gone back to this book a few times but have since given it away.

3. The Reality Of The Supernatural World by Todd Bentley
I have re-read this book once or twice, it was so good. I have increased in supernatural experiences and visions when I was studying this book together with a Women’s Bible Study group in 2010.

4. The School of the Seers by Jonathan Welton
I read this one also in 2010 but have understood it even deeper on the second round just this month, May 2013. We even watched him teach on Youtube which made it so much clearer. The best teacher ever when it comes to understanding the Gift of Discerning of Spirit and has great tools to activate the gift in your own life. I have again increased in my seeing ability after reading this book.

5. The Final Quest by Rick Joyner
I read this one in 2011 and had started to read it for a second time too because this book made me long for eternity. It made me very aware that all we do now on earth will be laid bare when we get there before the face of God. All we do now must have an eternal value. It also made me very hungry to enter vision. The whole book is one long extended vision Rick had.

6. The Torch and The Sword by Rick Joyner
Has the same feel as The Final Quest and very insightful. Actually this book, my husband read it to me at bedtime over a few days in March this year, 2013. He is the book lover out of the two of us. This book is also one extended vision Rick had.

7. The Dancing Hand of God by James Maloney Read in June 2013. This book raised my faith to believe in the supernatural move of God that creates miracles and a breaker anointing. It will be enjoyed by anyone who is apostolic. I read it just before James Maloney came to our church for a weekend long conference and by then my expectation was very high to see God move in a great way. My husband and I received a power packed prophetic word by Maloney the last service.

8. Powerful Encounters in the God Realm by Patricia King, Randy DeMain and several others. Randy DeMain was speaking at a conference in our Church in the beginning of June 2013 and his topic was on the glory realm. After the conference I was so hungry I had to have more on this topic. I had to order this book the next day and it made me even more hungry for the glory realm to manifest in my own life. The testimonies in this book are out of this world! I can definitely say this book changed and raised my expectation of what God will do through my own life.

9. Open My Eyes Lord by Gary Oates – especially excited about this one now that I am focusing on entering that supernatural realm on a daily basis. This book helped me understand the ministry of angels especially. I remember there was a time, 11 years go, I was very annoyed when people talked about angels and seeing angels. I felt upset that these people were taking things too far and I felt they were worshiping angels instead of God. It was my understanding that was limited. Once I opened up to learn things I didn’t know, about 10 years ago, I realized how little we know about the spirit realm.

10. The Seer by James Goll – I was so excited when my husband got me this book for my birthday last year. I had been having many personal dreams and visions and when I saw this book I felt it would give me deeper understanding of my prophetic gifting, which it did. I was especially grateful to learn that there are different dimensions of the prophetic anointing, e.g. dreamers and visionaries, others who proclaim God’s corporate purpose, those who speak forth administrative strategy of God with a political slant, prophetic counselors, prophetic intercessors and many others. But definitely helped me understand the sphere of influence God has given me in particular.

11. Glory Rising by Jeff Jansen. I had never heard his name before until we went to a Prophetic Conference where Jeff was the speaker. I didnt know what to expect. Some things at first sounded New Agish until his speaking and the book clarified a lot of deep things of God that the enemy has twisted for His purposes. There is such hunger in the human heart to experience the supernatural glory of God and since the Church is not meeting this need, people run to New Age teachings. I was so impacted by this book, it made me so hungry for more of the glory of God. It is unbelievable what we are capable of in the spirit. In the West believers are so unaware of the spirit world. We have ourselves experienced much on the missionfield how the spirit world is so well understood, even for evil purposes. If we only knew all that is available to us in the Spirit as we walk in God’s glory…. 

12. A Divine Revelation Of Hell by Mary Baxter. This is one of the most CHILLING books I have ever read. I was very much so shaken by Mary’s account of what she saw, heard, felt, smelled and experienced in hell for nights on end. After reading this book I have been revived with an intense desire to warn others to not end up in hell. The Bible does talk clearly about this horrific place and yet I never realized just how much the Bible discribes hell both in Old and New Testament. What shook me even more is to read her account of how those who end up in hell include people who used to preach the Word, people who went to Church for years, those who called themselves Christians. It made Jesus’ words “not all who say: Lord, Lord…” even more real. 

13. 23 Minutes In Hell by Bill Wiese. 2nd book review on the topic. Bill was taken to Hell for 23 minutes one night and came back to tell about his beyond-horrific experience. I was very curious to read his book after having read Mary Baxter’s A Divine Revelation Of Hell and compare their experiences. No surprise! Both gave same descriptions. Our soul will still have a body after death. Where will you spend eternity after you die?  We will still have our 5 senses which are more keen in the spirit world than in the natural dimension. Both Bill and Mary discribed the pits of hell as they saw it. Both experienced the torture and the pain. 

Currently I am between a few books that I am real excited about and will update here when I am done with them. They are already in my possession, just need to either start or finish them.

Growing In The Prophetic by Mike Bickle I have this in hard cover.

The Call by Rick Joyner I have this one in hard cover.



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  1. I too hate reading. I used to love it which prompted me to buy many books but they sit unread on the shelf. There’s the odd book which, once started, I can’t put down. Watching the School of the Seers on Youtube.

    1. Lisette Defoe | Reply

      Isn’t that something, Teri? Books sitting unread. I have a few of those. You will LOVE the school of the Seers on youtube. There are 4 in a row. Especially 2 out of 4 has a real cool activation time at the end where all the group of beginners start putting their gifting to use on the spot and minister to one volunteer who gets prophesied to by them all, very accurately done.

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  4. […] Patricia King I always love listening to her program as it always deals with the supernatural realm. Great guests on her show, many of them are the same authors of the books I have been reading which are also on my recommended reading list. […]

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  6. I’m not big on posting links to blogs but I’ll make an exception in this case! I’ve been compiling a list of credible books on heavenly visitations etc. I especially recommend Anna Rountree if you haven’t read her books. Pdfs are availabe on the net if you google her. And her blog contains some really profound revelation!

    1. Thank you so much Anyakovi! I will look into them.

    2. Thank you so much Anyakovi. Will look into that.

  7. I’ve read those three books by Rick Joyner over and over and bought some for my friends. The Call and The Final Quest changed my life and gave me a great perspective to responding to my calling, purifying my motives and loving God more. I have read about 4 books from Kenneth E. Hagin and have a wishlist to read the rest of his books because they stir up the teacher in me and speak mostly about things I was called to write and speak about. Right now I want to read God’s Generals so I can increase in wisdom for my path and not make mistakes that have already been made. Lisette, you are a great encouragement. Please keep writing more when out of the cosmetics shop. God bless!

    1. I haven’t read the Kenneth books yet. But you are right… Ricks books definitely make a mark on lives. It makes me think so much more of eternity!! And all that I do, it should count in eternity. What will that moment be like when I enter eternity? Will what I have built remain? Was it all built on the Rock? Keeps us in line, eh?

  8. You’re very right. 13 years since I first read them, I forever reflect on the perspective I received from there and the many warnings and encouragements from the forerunners. But then we have to convert the knowledge into life by applying it to our paths of destiny and not building any monuments for men…

  9. Reblogged this on Experiencing The Lover Of My Soul and commented:

    I finally updated this list with a few more readings I did this year. Feel free to share your favorites in comments, that deal with the same topics of the prophetic and the supernatural realm.

  10. I thought I would share three that I really enjoyed: “The Sacrament of the Present Moment”, Jean-Pierre De Caussade, (originally compiled c.1750), Harper San Francisco, 1966; “Wholly For God:Selections From the Writings of William Law”, Edited by Andrew Murray, Dimension Books, 1976; and “The Imitation of Christ”, Thomas A. Kempis (original, 1427), Translated by Betty Knotts, Fontana Books, 1963.

    1. Thanks for sharing my friend! I never heard of them but hubby is a bookworm. I bet he has!

  11. […] It is our birthright to have a real relationship with our God, and to be able to hear His voice. God is searching for, waiting for, reaching out for us, whether we want Him to or not. One of the main reasons Jesus came to Earth was to restore our communion with God. The greatest key to hearing God’s voice is cultivating a love-based relationship with Him; and true love requires being together. Goll quotes Mark Virkler, “The voice of God…is Spirit-to-spirit communication, the Holy Spirit speaking directly to my spirit.” A good test of whether we have heard God is that He rarely asks us to do something that we can do in our own strength or by our own effort. Holy Spirit is our lifelong personal tutor and shows us that God even likes us! The quality of the time we spend fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit has everything to do with hearing God’s voice. God has LOTS of different ways of speaking to us as we see from OT and NT scripture – dream or vision, trance, angels, audible voice, written word, wonders in the sky and on Earth, internal witness, a knowing, a settling peace, serendipitous meetings, etc… Dormant dreams become activated in a moment by the voice of God. As full citizens and members of this royal priesthood of the Lord, we have the right to request, at any time, a personal audience with the Master of the Universe. It takes practice and a willingness to risk. We grow in our ability to hear from God by being willing to mess up and to pull ourselves back up whenever we fall. If we want to hear, we must listen. Speak a little less, and listen a whole lot more. Learning to hear God takes time and patience. If we don’t realize this we won’t set aside enough time to listen, to seek, or to inquire of Him. If we want to move in the inspirational rhema element of the Word, we must store up [in ourselves] the logos content of the Word. The inner attitude of our heart when we read the written Word is vital! It directly affects our ability to hear. The approach to the scriptures that best helps us turn logos into rhema is the spiritual discipline of meditating on the Word of Life. If I want to know the voice of Holy Spirit, I’ve got to spend some time with Him. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we have a divine guidance system as part of the package. True guidance involves getting closer to the Guide. Community is super important. One of the most common ways the Lord speaks is through the members of the Body of Christ. If we want to dissolve the hearing barriers in our heart and soul, we must ask the Holy Spirit to help us receive the gift of love that proceeds from our brothers and sisters. We will hear God’s voice for them and they will it hear for us. His voice is most fully audible when brothers and sisters in Christ love each other. For those who find it hard to hear, Goll recommends spending LOTS of time simply worshiping God. Giant barriers fall before the transforming love of our Father. Having a humble heart is of utmost importance if we want to receive divine guidance. Satisfaction does not come as much through finishing a task as it does through increased intimacy with Him. He is our journey’s beginning – and it’s end. Knowing God is what hearing God is ultimately all about. ———————————————— I did read Goll’s book “The Seer” and enjoyed it. I wrote a review on it, together with My List Of Recommended Books […]

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