Vision: God’s Abundance

My daughter and I were having a conversation just earlier. She had teary eyes as she was expressing her concerns and fears about God’s provision as she is about to launch into her calling as a missionary after graduation. I shared with her out of a book I was reading, it just happened to have a section where the author was sharing how in a vision he saw a storeroom in heaven where God showed him all kinds of money and told him about His provisions.

Then I suggested we pray and ask God to show us each a vision in regards to money and His provision. Tears were running down her face as she was waiting upon God and watching. I did the same thing individually and then we shared what we each saw and heard the Lord say. 

She saw herself sitting on a bench, the Lord Jesus walking towards her and they were laughing and having a good time. Then the Lord picked her up and they walked towards a tree. And Jesus pulled one of the leaves on the tree and it was money. She said that she was laughing so much in the vision because it felt like Jesus was doing these tricks to amaze her. They walked together and out of the sky it started raining money! She felt she had to hoard it all and started shoving all the money up against the tree to store it for later. But Jesus said to her “What are you doing? I have more”. And out of His pocket He pulled this keychain that was full of money! And she clearly heard Him say “My abundance is everlasting”. 

Funny is that I was taken to a tree also in my vision! (I believe God gave me a vision with a tree also, to validate hers because she was starting to doubt her vision was real). I on the other hand saw myself again as a young girl walking around with a sucker in my mouth. I walked towards a large tree. I have never seen such a full tree before in real life. Normally you can see sky through a tree but this tree was so full it’s like the leaves were all growing against each other, with no room hardly between them. The leaves were deep green. You could not see sky through the tree, it was so full of leaves! The bark was very big too. I sat under the tree in it’s shade and wondered what God wanted to say about those leaves. I wondered if they were going to turn into money, but I didn’t see that. Instead I sensed the Lord impress upon me that the tree produces leaves naturally without any effort and it is always full. The same with His provision. Always over abundant and worry-free. Amen!



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  1. Talking about the provision of God, i can testify that God can and He will supply our needs. i worked away from a salary that was too small, i was never sure how i will cope but before then during prayers in church God flash an idea and i implemented it. this is about four month and i tell you i see God arrange things for me. So one word to your daughter; God will take care of her

    1. Lisette Defoe | Reply

      Thank you so much for sharing Itoro!!! God is the same provider in every country and He indeed owns it all. There are days it is easy to see and yet there are other days we still need to be reminded again. Thank God He doesn’t lose patience. Thank you again.

  2. I experience God’s provision all the time on the road.

    I had just hitchhiked from California to Wyoming this past month. When I was at my friends’ place in Wyoming, I was bone-tired and they let me stay at their place for four nights. I then hitchhiked up into Montana and camped out in Belgrade—but I was still very tired. The next day I hitchhiked to Manhattan, Montana and this guy gave me a hundred-dollar bill. I then got a ride to Rocker where I got a motel for two nights and stayed in bed most of the time.

    After I left Rocker, I hitchhiked to Idaho and stayed with some friends for a couple of nights. I then hitchhiked to Lewiston and then to Pomeroy, Washington. I camped out in Pomeroy and the same guy that gave me a ride to Pomeroy picked me up again the next morning. He was a Christian and we had some very good fellowship. We stopped at this grocery store in Walla Walla and he bought me some food for the road. So I had plenty of food all the way back to California.

    The key thing is to be in obedience to the Lord. If the Lord has called you to a work, He will most definitely provide for you. Praise the Lord!

    1. Lisette Defoe | Reply

      I read your stories on the road, yes. They are great! I always mean to ask: what do you do all the traveling for? Evangelism? Or just like being in different places and on the go? Do you have a home to go to after traveling for some time? We traveled lots when we were missionaries, with our little ones. We rented homes everywhere we went and i prayed for a while that God would allow us to settle. I see us going again in the future but nice to now have a home to come to between trips. Thank you for sharing.

      1. I tried to reply twice, but it was not published.

        I am not an evanagelist; intercession is my main work. I don’t have a home, but my home base for the past four years has been my friends’ place in California.

      2. Lisette Defoe

        Now i got your reply. So basically you travel from friends place to other friends place and intercede like a watchman everywhere you go! You get to see and experience a lot on the go.

  3. From experience, God supplies. Even with my faults and issues my heart hasvbeen like Davids in that at the end of the day my hearts desire was to be in his presence, to be with him.

    Without asking we have been given two houses, at least 7 cars (one being a 3 yr old Mercedes, 3 brand new vans….). Did I mention the houses?

    There have been lean times as well. Another time I lost my job and was having a hard time finding work. During that period a mortgage was close to 2 months past due. I thought the house was going bu-bye. God paid off my mortgage 25 yrs early.

    Move forward in his faith! I thinknof John G Lake who wanted to do missionary work in Africa, he packed his family up and moved. He made it to Africa with like $10 to his name and God provided and moved mightily in John’s life through his heart and obedience.

    1. Lisette Defoe | Reply

      Ooh, I love it!! Thank you for sharing this… 🙂

  4. Breda Johnston | Reply

    Ive been getting loads of visions but i could not see them probaly but today i got a vision of our lord Jesus Christ and angels i no this is very far fetch but it true i would take a lie dectecter to prove it!!!!

    1. Lisette Defoe | Reply

      Not uncommon at all, Brenda. I believe you. Keep seeking for more. 🙂

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    If you just read the previous blog: “Vision: God’s Refrigerator”, this next one is on 2 visions God gave my daughter and I a few years back, again on His abundance. At the time it had to do with finacial provision for her.

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