Vision: Eternity Realm

I had a revelation this morning. “There is no earthly clock in the spirit realm. In the eternal realm we exist forever without any deadlines”. Then I sensed Him say…

“THIS IS OUR PLACE, DARLING. OUR PERSONAL SPACE. STAY HERE WITH ME. I WILL HELP YOU STAY. TRUST ME FOR THAT”. And then I entered vision immediately…and I type as I see it unfold.

I see my self breaking through a pocket into the spirit realm. It is all dark like a dark room but I feel very comfortable and confident that it is not scary. It is dark simply because my eyes have to adjust to see in the spirit. But out of nowhere I see a being appear that looks just like the character in the Monsters Inc. movie, except its all white to contrast the dark room. I see only its form. The tall fuzzy bear-looking character. I realize it is a demon and it came and circled me. It wasn’t necessarily scary, but what I realized is that it is a warning for my eyes (although I knew already)… not only the Holy Spirit is there in the spirit realm and angelic beings, but demonic beings also. I just hadn’t seen the demonic yet up to now except a couple times in vision, but each time they were cartoonish looking. Am I willing to see in the spirit even if it includes the demonic? I am willing to see whatever God wants to show me and I ask that I will have the necessary tools I need for each experience. If you show me the demonic, God I pray it is for a specific reason and always for our victory. Never defeated.

Now I try entering vision all over again. This time in the vision I open a zipper by choice. I am standing in the natural, I open a zipper to go into the spiritual realm. Tentacles come out as I unzip. It seems scary. I open by choice. More tentacles come out. I go through. But it’s nothing. Just intimidation. Slimy goo wants to stick to my forehead and eyes as I walk through but I wipe it off. It was just that. Intimidation. I hear water dripping in the dark, but I see nothing. Should I go in the direction of the dripping water? But it is hollow sounding. Not sure which direction the dripping comes from. So, I start calling Jesus. It echoes. It sounds so hollow so I start having fun calling Jesus over and over in different tones. It is still dark but I have fun hearing my own echoes as I call loudly for Jesus. Then I sense two angelic beings come lift me in something like a swing. I can’t see them but I know they carry me on what seems like just a rope for a swing because I have to balance to stay on it. We go up and up until we break through the darkness and now into clear white clouds like a view from an airplane window. All clouds and daylight. It is very open as far as the eyes can see, all around me. Breathing is easy and deep. I don’t see the angels, but I know both are there, each on my sides and we are on a ride, like a train on rails. I sense we are riding on the rails as if touring. But I see nothing as yet. Only open space, light, clouds, freeing. After riding for a while I feel I am impatient. I don’t want to tour if there is nothing to see yet. I rather sit in one place and watch what I will see. So, they park me. I sense the ‘cart’ we are in backs up against a wall and we park. Now I sit and watch. But I only hear symphony-like, music. Like what you would hear in a movie. Still I see nothing yet. Just the realization that this is the eternal realm. There is no clock here. We are not on earthly timezone. This is eternity realm. Would it seem boring to not have earthly time? I don’t know what to see, but I want to learn to escape to this place often where I leave earthly time behind. I need to learn this. I need to be in a place where time does not matter and I just wait upon the Lord in stillness. I know He will show up and show me what He wants to show me. I am in a place where I know God will open my eyes to see clearly in the spirit and I especially need to learn to come to a place of stillness and out of the “earthly-clock zone” where the clock ticks towards deadlines. I can’t live only in that “earthly time-zone” anymore and stay connected in the spirit without feeling rushed and unbalanced. I want to learn to come here and be patient. God has so much to show me. Nothing on earth is as urgent or important then being in the spirit realm where we exist eternally with Him. This reminds me of Eph. 2:6 And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, (Ephesians 2:6 NIV)

So, after waiting and realizing where I am at in this eternal spirit realm, I realize it is ok even if I didn’t see more while I waited. I want to learn to come here and meet with the Lord, specifically outside of the “earthly-time zone” or natural realm where I have a tendency to be unbalanced and overwork myself.



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  1. I think the key to this vision is where you said “was I willing to see the demonic along with the angelic. I believe that your gifting of discernment is being sharpened. I can tell you from experience that I have seen things I would have rather not seen. But also have seen things that were good .

    1. I feel God is easy on me there, so far I’ve only seen the demonic in cartoonish ways. But the angelic I see clearly in visions. I don’t think I am particularly excited to see the horror striking things, like you say. But I realize they are as real as the angelic and the Holy Spirit too. I do want to be sharpened like you say. I mean to practice entering daily into the supernatural. Just this week Tom saw a humongous angel dressed in purple with his natural eyes in our back yard and then later by our kitchen window. I haven’t seen them with my natural eyes yet, but want to.

      1. Just realize that no matter what you see, God is in control and He won’t give you anything bigger than He can handle

      2. Lisette Defoe

        True. I believe it! And maybe I am a wimp, haha!

      3. I don’t want to see the demonic any more than you do. I wouldn’t say that you’re a wimp. I’d just say that you’d rather see the light rather than the darkness.

      4. Lisette Defoe

        I agree!

  2. […] Click here to read this vision that started over 2 weeks ago, about the eternity realm. This weekend the topic was all about the glory realm, how to access it, how to sustain living in the glory realm. We studied scriptures and I was amazed how much there is about the glory realm. Since my blog is not about posting teachings or sermons, I will stay focused on what we saw in visions. […]

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