Discerning Of Spirit

I love the prophetic so much. I love hearing from God through visions (whether impressions, quick pictures or rolling visions) and dreams. I am reading all books I can lay hands on right now on the prophetic and the supernatural. I have never heard a better teaching on discerning of spirit and growing in the seer gift and prophesying – then from Jonathan Wetlon.

I wanted to share an Activation Exercise from chapter 6 – School of the seers by Jonathan Welton. We can discern in these 4 areas: The Holy Spirit, the human spirit, demonic spirits and heavenly spirits (angelic beings).

* Pray for God to show you a friend or family member and what you see around them in the spiritual realm. Then, ask God to give you insight about what you see and how it translates into a word of encouragement and write it out to them in a letter.



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