The Cry Of A Longing Heart

Our younger daughter wrote this poem last year when she was feeling she couldn’t hear God clearly like before and wondering if God cared to respond her crying out to Him… (Oh, those dry seasons when God seems so far… but thanks to Him, He comes to find us).

“The darkness surrounds me
and I wander aimlessly, grasping anything I can hold on to.
My lungs cry out for air,
My muscles scream for rest that only You can bring me.
I remember the days when we would walk hand in hand,
Down luscious green gardens.
You held me close and rocked me to sleep.
Your loving eyes,
Your soft, comforting hands,
Your ever-present glory-
Torn away from me by a force I cannot understand.
I was torn from Your grasp, sliding back slowly into pure darkness.
I am lost and lonely, unable to hear Your sweet voice that once called my name.
My days are no longer filled with joy that drips from Your being.
I long for You, but I cannot see nor feel.
My senses and my soul were lost with You.
My days are now dull as I walk like a dead man on the earth.
My mouth is thirsty, my feet are sore.
I am tired of searching, and for what?
My brain reels, struggling to remember what we once shared.
Days feel like weeks and weeks like months.
When will my Prince Charming come for me?
And hold me tight when I’m scared?
“Come back to me” You say, but You feel so far away.
I reach out my hand into the nothingness.
My feet stumble under me.
‘Come back for me’, I cry.
‘Don’t forget me!
I want You’ “.

What a profound writing from a girl who hasn’t walked in worldly life ever, yet understands obviously that life without the Lord is empty. How much more we must pray for those who truly try to find happiness and pleasure in everything else under the sun, not knowing only God can satisfy our beings. Water our lives, Lord.

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3 responses

  1. That’s awesome Lisette, has she ever considered song writing?

    1. Lisette Defoe | Reply

      She hasn’t, but the oldest daughter has written several songs and has written other poems too many times but has not kept them. 😦 Sharah wrote these 3 and surprised herself when they flowed. 🙂

      1. that should be put to music

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