Vision: Traveled with Jesus to Greece

This vision I had sometime ago during the time I took a 10 day break to rest in the Lord. You may have read about the time I had the vision about meeting with Jesus at the well. In this next vision the Lord took me to either Greece or Turkey and it started during a prayer time in a ladies Bible Study group. But the vision kept rolling like a movie past the time the prayer meeting was over, so I went home and prayed that God would let me see the rest later and He did. The vision lasted for over 20 minutes total in 2 sessions (I know I wasn’t translated there in the body because I was very aware of my surroundings while I was watching this vision unfold) and I prayed according to what I saw, although I never really found out any news about these countries. I will share now… I will try to be brief for the sake of length.

During worship time I closed my eyes, asking God to show me something new. The vision starting rolling. I saw myself at the well with Jesus. We were having a good time, we even flew a kite. I asked Jesus if He could let me fly into the sky by holding on to the kite. He gave me permission and I went way high in the sky with the kite. I could see Him on the ground waving at me, holding the string. From up there I could see the whole desert area I had walked before reaching the well. I kept going higher and higher and we could still communicate. I asked Jesus “are you leaving me alone up here?” He answered that His Spirit is the Kite I was flying with, so I was by no means alone. (I thought that was cool). But suddenly the vision changed and Jesus and I were in a hot air balloon. I was watching us going up higher, I saw the fire shooting into the balloon and I thought of the fire of God. We were throwing out the sand bags to go even higher and I thought of “casting off my burdens”. But I got nervous not knowing where we were going in this vision. Since the trip was long, Jesus pulled a picnic table out of the thin air and we ate together. (I smile because I love these surprises He pulls on you as you watch a vision unfold). Then I clearly heard “Turkey” and I knew then where He was taking me. All I was seeing were clouds. Then I heard very clearly “Greece” and “Ireland”. I also heard “parliament”. (I have to believe I heard God because I don’t know anything about foreign politics and I couldn’t have come up with any of this). Once we landed (I wasn’t sure in which of these countries) we started walking, but still I saw only clouds. Then out of the thin air I suddenly saw 2 men, each wearing a fez. In fact I had to stop watching the vision to ask the ladies in the room if they could help me by the description of what I was seeing so I could know what country I was in, in the vision. (This happens often. I stop to research and then enter vision again just to calm myself that I am on track with what I see) I described the male headwear I saw (red tall hats with the tassels hanging in the back). A friend of mine got on the internet on her phone and showed me a picture of a fez and I exclaimed: “Yes! That is what I am seeing”. Once I saw it was real and I wasn’t making this up, I was more comfortable continuing to watch the vision unfold. As I closed my eyes again, the 2 men in the vision said “follow us”. I saw that Jesus and I started following these 2 men. We followed them all the way to a large plaza where there was a beautiful tall great building with beautiful tall pillars. We walked up the ramp and it had beautiful tiles! The balcony area was overlooking the plaza and there was a fountain in the middle of the plaza. The 2 men had disappeared, it was just Jesus and I. Then I saw a small group of men gathering in the plaza area and I knew they were people in authority. I couldn’t hear what they were saying or meeting about. I just knew this had to do with people in important leadership positions. But suddenly I saw a huge black fat snake by them. (Snakes always represent demonic influence in dreams and visions). I have never seen such a fat snake in my life! This is where I left off and had to go home.

Once I got home the vision continued rolling. I saw that there were 3 men meeting and I sensed that they represented these 3 nations. Greece, Ireland and Turkey. (I don’t know much about these 3 countries or the relationship they have with each other, I just know that Greece and Turkey are neighboring countries). As I saw the snake by them I asked Jesus what we should do. “Should we go kill the snake?” Jesus told me that I needed to go tell them about this snake by their legs. I was nervous to go as I wasn’t sure they’d pay attention to me. So, Jesus offered to go with me. We walked down the ramp of this real beautiful tall building with beautiful tiles until we reached the men. They were casually talking to each other, hands in the pockets of their suits. It seemed they were very acquainted with each other and they didn’t even notice us. The snake saw us first and started charging at us. As soon as it got closer, Jesus pointed His finger at it and the snake started rolling over multiple times and then couldn’t move anymore. Then we were able to approach the men. I said “excuse me, I came to tell you there is a huge snake by you here”. I was shocked by their answer. “Yes, we know, it’s our pet, mind your own business, why are you even here? You are not even from here, why don’t you leave us alone and mind your own business”? In shock I figured that maybe I should present Jesus to them. I again said “excuse me, do you know who my Guest here is?” pointing to Jesus. They glanced at Jesus briefly, turned their back against us and carried on as to purposely ignore us. They started walking a bit away from us. I asked Jesus what we should do next, seeing that they acknowledge the snake is their pet and don’t seem to want to talk to us. “Should we kill the snake anyway?” He answered that we can not kill their pet without their consent. (talk about free will!) He said “lets sit on this bench here and wait a bit and watch. No sooner had we sat down, the 3 men turned, looked at the snake and ran towards it and got on the ground and started hugging and petting this big, ugly, fat snake! As if it was the cutest thing they ever saw! The snake turned, looked at us, sneered with a look that said “You see? They love and want me, there is nothing you can do about that!”. So, we looked beyond the fountain in the opposite direction and saw a huge steamroller coming our way! I thought “oh, no! the steamroller is about to kill the snake”. No sooner had I thought that, I knew in my spirit that not only the snake, but the 3 men also. I knew this was judgement time! I freaked and asked Jesus if we should warn them once more. He told me I could attempt once more. As I quickly ran to the men to tell them the steamroller is coming their way and that they needed to repent and let go of this snake, one of them backhanded me in the face so hard that I fell on the ground! (Good thing we don’t get hurt in visions but I was speechless as I saw this happening to me). It got up, went to Jesus and told Him they would not listen. He told me “it’s too late, there is nothing more to do now, destruction is coming, it’s judgment time”. I was so freaked out I didn’t feel I wanted to stay and watch. I said to Jesus “let’s go, let’s get out of here!” As we were running off, we saw the first thing that got crushed under the steamroller was the fountain. Then suddenly I saw blood bath. I didn’t even want to look back. I heard screaming and without looking back I could see the tail of the snake flipping under the wheels of the steamroller and blood flowing. (sorry to be so vivid). We quickly got into our hot air balloon and headed back to where we came from and landed again by the well. click here to read how I got to the well. When we got there I asked Jesus what I could we have done. Jesus answered “there is nothing you could have done other then what you already did. PRAY FOR REPLACEMENT. And that the replacement won’t choose a snake for their pet! Pray for replacement”.

So, this was the end of the vision. And so I prayed. For replacement. I have to confess I don’t even know what this vision pertains to, I saw what He wanted to show me and I prayed accordingly. It may help a reader to know this vision I saw was in 2010. I don’t know if it was about something that happened back then or something still about to happen. I don’t watch international news much, and much less foreign politics. Please agree with me in prayer: “Lord, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Bring your judgement on the wicked who defy and resist you and bring replacement”. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!





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  1. Amen Lisette! Thanks for praying that wise and brave prayer! Woohoo!

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  3. when I started to read this I remembered some words a lady gave me at church a couple of weeks ago that Jesus and I will fly above the waves although in brackets she had (the problems of life), that God is going to lift me higher, that God has brought / or is bringing me through the fire.

    1. It even rhymed! Ha!

  4. we have missionaries that go to a closed country and they are here on sabbatical and I talked to him about going to visit them in this country when they return. they said great but they were going back to a different city and when I searched the city saw that it was in the mountains where it gets very cold. I will go wherever God sends me but don’t think He would send me to a very cold place. I’m cold here if it’s under 20 celcius.

    1. I hear ya! I’d hate to go anywhere cold. All the countries we’ve been to have to were warm.

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