Vision: At A Day Spa…

Yesterday I was sharing how during a season of mental and emotional burn out, the Lord gave me a vision where I met Him at a well and He ministered to me and gave me water to drink. Click here to read on that vision. As I mentioned there, for the next 10 days that followed, He kept showing me how He was ministering to me in different ways and giving me rest. Now, I realize these were more on a personal level, not a Word of the Lord for others, but I wanted to share them anyway because I believe they may minister to others who are in the same emotional state currently as I was back then.

This one vision started out with me seeing myself at a day spa. I saw myself receiving a facial. Now… this was a vision, but let me tell you that in the natural it relaxed me as much as if I had gone to a real spa. I saw these 4 people working on me, my face, my scalp, the back of my neck, I could smell something minty. My hands were being massaged in tiny circles. Then my feet, the left foot first, then the right. At the same time my shoulders were being massaged and I was feeling so tired. Then my back. In the vision I sensed warm oil was poured on me. Then something was sprinkled on me and it felt like powder, very light and cool. When seeing visions, your 5 senses can be very in tune with what is happening in the vision. It is as real as can be. So, after that, in the vision I saw I was given a tall glass of water to drink. My feet were rinsed and my back and arms were wiped off to remove access oil. Then I was wrapped in a white fluffy warm spa robe. Then as I sat in another chair, I could then see that I was getting a pedicure. My toe nails were painted after filed. After pedicure, I got a manicure. My nails got painted and I was feeling so nice and pampered and a much needed break. My head was wrapped in a big towel. Then I got up and walked into another room with my hair wrapped and wearing this big fluffy robe. The next room hand many hair dryers but I was the only one in there. I could sit anywhere I wanted. I sat down and my head was under a dryer and a book was given me where I could sit and read and relax. I could see out of a big glass window and it was nice and sunny outside. Funny that in the vision I saw that I didn’t even have to turn pages. Someone was there serving me, turning pages for me and serving me more water to drink. I am wondering if those were ministering angels that I saw in the vision. I was feeling pampered like I never experienced in real life. Then I got out of under the dryer, but my hair was still full of oil. I could see my bouncy curls. Then my hair was trimmed and then styled. It felt so good. This may all be sounding silly, but you have no idea how relaxing it was in the spirit to watch such a vision unfold. I was given what looked like chocolate munchies. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Then I walked into another room on the right. A darker room. Then I realized that it was dark because I was going to watch something on a large screen. Not sure what I was watching. Someone was with me on my right side, ready to serve me. I kept exhaling while watching this vision because I was feeling how I was relaxing more and more. My back wasn’t as tired anymore in the natural. It seemed like it was quickly after that, that we were done watching the large screen and then to my surprise we walk into a gym. I couldn’t believe it! If tired, why would I be taken to a gym to work out? But I realized that my legs needed to be strengthened again. Well, in the natural, it meant I needed to gain strength again after being so drained emotionally. I saw myself working out on a stationary bike and a treadmill, then stepper but working slowly. I didn’t have energy to work out hard. I was told I needed the workout to get strength again for what is ahead of me. Now, even though it seems silly to see a vision like this, I believe it was a picture of what I needed to do during my rest time. I needed to be relaxing and yet get strengthened again for what lies ahead of me. After that spa experience in the vision, I saw myself leaving the spa together with Jesus and we just spend quality time together having lunch and strolling on the beach without any plans for the day, no agenda. Just relaxing and enjoying our friendship. Then Jesus took me on a tour. It felt like we were touring many sites. What a relaxing vision and much needed break and although it was not real life, it relaxed me the same. Then I was taken back to a very fancy 5 star all inclusive resort on a beach. Imagine all you have available at such a place to just relax and enjoy a break. I truly believe God gave me this vision because in real life I could not afford all of this at that time. Spa, touring like VIP and such a fancy resort. But this vision lasted over 20 minutes and it was very real.

Sure, this was not a vision of any future events, not about repentance or any mayor Word of the Lord. But you know how sweet our God is? He ministers to us where we are at and at that time I just needed a break and relaxing and that is how He ministered to me and tension left me. I love Him for it.



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