Vision: Meeting Jesus At The Well

Exactly 3 years ago I had experienced an emotional and mental burn out from overworking myself. But it didn’t even face me how tired I really was until the Lord spoke to me through His Word. Matthew 11:28-30 “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Couple days later I was praying and entered vision. In this vision I was on my way to a well to meet with Jesus. As I was walking towards the well to drink, I noticed that all the grass around me was dry and brown. It was all desert where I was walking. Although I could see rocky mountains in the distance and the sky was orangey and beautiful, it was windy and I was walking alone. But from the opposite direction I saw Jesus also walking towards the well to meet me there. We met together at the well and I barely made it. I was so tired and exhausted from walking the desert, when I got to the well I got a hold of the well wall and could barely hold myself up. Jesus hurried to my rescue and held me as my body sank to the ground to sit. He asked me if I wanted some water. I told Him in a faint manner “Yes, please… I am feeling so tired that I don’t even have strength to fetch the water myself. Will you please get me some?” He answered with tender care “Sure, that’s why I came, because I knew you needed Me”. He proceeded to throw this bucket into the deep well. The well was so deep you couldn’t even see the water from the top. After He brought the bucket up full of cool water, He filled a cup and put it to my mouth. I didn’t even have strength to hold the cup myself, my hands just plopped on my lap. As He was giving me water to drink, He was also drying the sweat from my forehead and ran His fingers through my hair. I didn’t want to do anything, just sit there and fall asleep. Even in the vision I could sense that my back was hurting. Then I saw He gave me a cushiony mat to sit on so that I would be more comfortable. In fact I was so tired I didn’t even feel like talking, but He just sat there with me and kept me company and held my hand. As I was watching this vision unfold, I was praying, thanking the Lord for giving me rest and for meeting me where I was at and for giving me living water and I expressed to Him all I have been through emotionally during that season. As I was praying and thanking Him in this manner and still looking into the vision, I sensed Him say that He had led me even in the desert and that He is the One who showed me where to come find this well because I needed water so desperately. He assured me that He was with me the whole time and that He came to fetch water for me. He told me I didn’t need to do anything, just take time to recuperate. He told me to just stay there and that He would take care of me, He’d cover me if I was cold and if it was windy He could set up a tent for me. I started crying as I continued to see into the vision and could sense His care and concern for me. I continued to pray. I sensed He said I needed to recuperate because there was a brisker walk ahead of me and I wouldn’t be able to walk that walk ahead if I didn’t recuperate properly and that I needed to drink the living water only He could give as I rested in Him. Then the vision ended.

So, after this vision, I decided to drop all my work and take some time to rest and recuperate. I spent 10 days resting in the Lord and during those days I entered visions everyday while spending time with Jesus in prayer. In some of those visions I could see what the Lord was doing to minister to my tired soul. Also we traveled together to couple countries by vision as I witnessed Him minister to the locals there. I will post in the next 10 days or so what I experienced with the Lord back then during the time I rested from all work. For clarification, I believe the Lord used this vision by the well to show me my emotional condition during that time of my life and how He was ministering to me in the spirit as I rested and spent time with Him. His care for me was portrayed very well in this mental picture He gave me. May we continue to seek Him and invite His Spirit to minister to us through visions also.

click here to read the next experience after the well vision.



7 responses

  1. […] Lord gave me a vision where I met Him at a well and He ministered to me and gave me water to drink. Click here to read on that vision. As I mentioned there, for the next 10 days that followed, He kept showing me how He was ministering […]

  2. […] I took a 10 day break to rest in the Lord. You may have read about the time I had the vision about meeting with Jesus at the well.. In this next vision the Lord took me to either Greece or Turkey and it started during a prayer […]

  3. Just so beautiful! Just so beautiful! Thankyou 🙂 xx

    1. What a coincidence!!! This morning as I was praying I felt the need to go back in my recorded files to re-listen to this experience as I recorded it live as the vision was happening. I sat on my couch and enjoyed being ministered to as I went back in that moment. I finish my prayer time and get on my blog only to find that you have visited this same old post and have commented on it. Isn’t that weird?????????? Me revisiting the same vision and you finding it here to read about it!!

      1. It deeply affected me the love of Jesus and I so need to see just how much He loves me. 🙂 xx

  4. I think I mentioned to you once before that I don’t have much experience with personal “visions”, but I am interested in hearing about your experiences in this area as I study all areas of Christian experience. God bless and keep you, always.

    1. David… I never used to have visions until I leaned how to enter. I blogged about it. I know you can too, the Spirit of God lives in you.

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