Vision: Sermon On The Mount

2 years ago I had a vision after reading the feeding of the multitudes. I prayed that God would allow me to see in a vision what He wanted to show me or tell me. I used the same imagery from this passage and entered vision. I saw that I was with a crowd of people in an open plain covered with green grass as we were all gathering at the foot of a hill and Jesus was teaching. I saw people sitting on the ground all spread out on the grassy area and Jesus ministering to people as He’d walk past every person. I found myself a good spot to sit in and positioned myself to receive knowing He’d come by me too. Watching in the vision my heart was very expectant and yet nervous and the closer I saw Him approaching me in the vision, I could actually feel my face become warm. By the time I saw in the vision that He got in front of me, I could feel my face even warmer as I kept watching the vision. Jesus was really smiley. He touched my raised hands and said “I know you” as He squatted in front of me and placed His forehead on mine. It took my breath away even as I was watching the vision. Then I saw Him walking towards the other people and I wondered “would He walk away from me?” Right then I saw in the vision that He turned and beckoned for me to come to Him and I realized He wanted me to minister to the people together with Him. I felt so little, I told Him that I could not do that. He answered “sure you can” as He held my hands and together we started laying hands on the people. I could hear the sick moaning and I laid hands on someone’s eyes praying against spiritual blindness. But I felt very overwhelmed seeing that the crowd was so large. When would we be done? Suddenly we were lifted in what seemed like a crane, high above the ground until the crowd of people became smaller and smaller since we were so high in the sky. Then suddenly it didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore seeing the crowd from above. I was given a hose and I started spraying the crowd with water for a while until the whole area was soaked. When we came back down, instead of sick people we encountered joyful people praising God and sharing what the Lord had done for them. After that I saw Jesus beckon me to follow Him towards what looked like a big city with tall sky scrapers in the distance. I remember feeling overwhelmed thinking that would be too much ministry to take on, so I just wanted to focus on walking the distance with Him until we get there to that city in the distance. Then the vision ended.

Learning to enter vision




3 responses

  1. Awesome vision Lisette. That’s about all I can say. You were indeed blessed to have see such a vision.

  2. Awesome sister! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Worldhops Inc. James Crawford

    1. No prob friend.

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