Vision: 38th Parallel North.

This morning I saw an angle in a quick vision and the number 38. What came to my mind was 38 degrees. I didn’t know what it is pertaining to nor what to do with it. Later I shared this with other prayer warriors and one of them informed us, to my surprise, what my vision meant and as I went to search online, indeed I confirmed what he said: “This boundary line crosses the 38th parallel at an acute angle, from the southwest to the northeast, and it now serves as the Military Demarcation Line between South Korea and North Korea”.

The rest of this article on Wikipedia.

Now, there is, as we know, tension going on right now in this region and I want to take more time to hear what else He will reveal. In the mean time I do not doubt that North Korea will play a role in the judgements God is about to bring to the nations, including America. As my Pastor says, he sensed God say in some occasions that We are not to pray these judgements away, they are His will. So, looking up to the Father I pray… Lord, your will be done on earth as in heaven.

I keep praying that God gives me more pieces of the puzzle, I wonder if this is more to the vision I saw a few nights ago. . If so, I know God will also spare His people. But woe to those who willfully defy the living God!


2 responses

  1. Wow! Lisette this is powerful! It is awesome to see the authenticity of your prophetic gift. So many times you have shared what you have seen and though you did not even know why you saw them, you spoke them forth and others were able to bring another part of the puzzle. I truly believe the Father uses His body to add to our revelations; to bring more of His heart into our midst. I so appreciate your gift, courage, heart and endurance. And how refreshing to hear a fresh understanding of God’s true heart on how He is rearranging the universe! I can’t wait to read your next post! Love ya! : )

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and also for creating a safe place to “practice” speaking out what I see and hear and for weighing or adding to it. 😉

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