Vision – On Earth As It Is In Heaven

In December of 2011 I had 3 visions one day, one after another. I wanted to share one of them here.

In the vision I saw myself walking with Jesus in a place where the grass was very vibrant green. As I was watching the two of us walk together, I saw way in the distance what looked like a beautiful Moroccan palace with a golden roof. As I wondered what that was and curious as to what we were going to see when we got there, suddenly the vision took me up in the sky while I could see Jesus and myself very far in the distance below, still walking in the direction of that Moroccan palace as everything was getting smaller and smaller and I was being taken higher and higher until I reached a place in the heavenlies. I don’t know where that was, but I knew it was not the throne room. What I saw to my surprise was a group of angels sitting, maybe a dozen or so of them, each holding drums between their legs and beating fast on their drums with sticks. They were all in rhythm and raised their sticks at times and beat those against each other and then again on the drums. Then I understood that my story was being told in heaven and the sound of their drums were saying “Amen, so be it, Amen”. They were agreeing with this story through their music (although I didn’t hear the details of what was being told, I just knew it was my story as in all the plans God has for my destiny). But as I watched the angels agreeing with their music on the drums, suddenly standing across from them, a larger drum was given to me also, it looked like a Congo. I was supposed to play it too accompanying the angles. As I started beating fast on my drum, I realized the sound of my drum was repeating “On earth as it is in heaven, on earth as it is in heaven”. After that the vision switched and I was back on earth seeing another vision altogether.

I was very encouraged to know that God has a great plan for my life (not only mine, each one of us who choose to walk with Him) and I got to witness the angels agreeing with that story and me praying along that God’s will for my life be done on earth as it is in heaven. I say Yes, LORD.

After that I saw the following vision



4 responses

  1. Awesome Dream Lisette.

    1. It was yes. But it was a vision.

      1. Very cool vision.

  2. […] was just sharing this morning about having had 3 visions back to back in December of 2011. If you read the fist one from the link above, this vision here is the 3rd one from that same […]

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